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Gillian Black is a Corporate Tax Senior Manager based in our Glasgow office.

Gillian’s main responsibility is to deliver corporate tax compliance services to our clients which covers a wide range of companies.  This involves overseeing the preparation of the corporate tax provisions for inclusion in statutory accounts, advising with regard to corporation tax liabilities due and ensuring that corporation tax returns are filed by the statutory deadline.  As part of this work, Gillian identifies and uses appropriate tax reliefs to ensure that corporation tax liabilities are reduced as far as possible.

In her role, Gillian also assists junior colleagues to help them develop and progress in their career in corporate tax.

A two-way relationship

“It is always easier to build a client relationship after you have met face to face, whether in person or remotely, so I try to do this where possible and I encourage colleagues to do this. I enjoy taking the time to get to know clients and their business as this helps to identify planning opportunities and the availability of tax reliefs.

I strive to build a two-way relationship where there is mutual respect and trust. To me, communication is key.  Most clients like to be kept up to date on the status of their jobs and for work to be delivered on a timely basis.  Wherever possible, I aim to give clients plenty of warning and sufficient time to act whether it be making a payment to HMRC or reviewing a document that requires their approval.”

Making an impact

“In my role, I find it really rewarding to see our clients’ business thrive and succeed. There’s nothing better than knowing I have provided a high quality value-added service to a client and that they are satisfied with the work undertaken.

Clients want to have the confidence that I will handle all the standard compliance for them and that I will keep them appraised of the progress of work.  This allows them to focus on the day to day duties of their business.”

Finding the balance

“I always prefer to meet a client face to face and go onsite to client premises whenever possible.  However, I appreciate that this is not always the most efficient way of working and some clients prefer remote meetings to save time.  Therefore, I would always facilitate this and accommodate the client accordingly.”

Team spirit

“I enjoy our ethos of positivity, enthusiasm, and fun in the workplace. I believe it is essential to form good working relationships with your colleagues as this helps to achieve the ultimate aim of providing a high quality service to clients.  Collaborative working allows you to solve technical points and work efficiently to deliver on a timely basis.  It is also important to recognise when the input of a specialist is required, and we have plenty of them here at AAB!”

Tackling the ever-changing tax legislation

“One of the greatest challenges in my profession is that tax legislation is constantly changing and so it is important to keep up to date with the latest changes by reading technical articles and attending seminars and courses.”

Excited about the future

“Joining AAB, I am most excited about integrating our corporate tax teams and being able to call on the assistance of the wide range of specialists AAB have. I am also looking forward to seeing AAB continuing to grow in the Central belt.

Most importantly to me, however, will be seeing the progress of our trainees and helping them to achieve their goals.”