Private Client Tax Manager



Individuals of Owner Managed Businesses, Family Businesses, and Property Owners


I support individuals with their Self-Assessment HMRC reporting requirements and planning requirements including Capital Gains, Inheritance Tax, Trust Taxation and Employment Related Securities.


Clients from all sectors, including various business owners, lawyers, doctors and property owners.


Based in the Glasgow team, Gayle Meldrum is a Tax Manager within our Private Client Tax team. As a full member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, Gayle uses her technical knowledge and years of practical experience to deliver proactive tax planning solutions, compliance and advisory services to clients.


“One of my strengths is my ability to maintain client relationships. This honestly doesn’t feel like work to me – not only does it come easily, but I genuinely enjoy it. I think my clients also appreciate that I will always do my utmost to solve any problem at hand – whether it means outsourcing the question and referring to a colleague, or approaching it from different angles that are a bit more ‘outside the box’… I’ll do whatever it takes to solve problems for my clients.”


“My idea of a great relationship with a client is one where they have confidence in you, and trust you. Where they can trust that you’ll ask the questions that they may not even necessarily know that they need to be asked. It’s important for me to know what they know, what they may not be aware of, and what they need to know.

A huge part of what I love most about my work is building relationships with clients; getting to know their own personal stories always feels like a privilege, and will never not be interesting to me.

And when I help save them money and time, and bring them peace of mind that they’ve fulfilled all reporting obligations to HMRC, then it’s incredibly satisfying. Peace of mind is a big part of why clients come to me in the first place – so it’s key that they trust my expertise and experience.”


“I think it’s great to meet people in person, but it’s great to now be able to offer the services and have the technology to save the clients time as well, by communicating via Teams or using a specific software that helps speed up our processes. Part of what gives AAB its edge on the market is definitely our use of technology in delivering the best possible service to people.

It’s become even more clear over the last couple of years that the use of technology makes like a lot more efficient for clients, particularly in terms of accessing their accountants, who are also able to be more available for their clients thanks to tech. Having said that, there’s an extra value to seeing each other face to face – nothing can replace it, but now there are just a greater range of options for more efficient communication. So we are probably getting more contact with some people for that reason.

Before, clients might have sat on questions they had because it didn’t feel worth it to arrange a face to face meeting, whereas now, they might be more inclined to contact you because it can be quicker and more succinct by using technology. This is even more significant when you consider that these seemingly small questions and issues are often far from it.”


“I would say that deciphering legislations is probably the greatest challenge in my line of work. But part of what makes the AAB Group so strong is that even if there’s a particular query that isn’t in your specialist area, there will be somebody else in the team with the experience and knowledge you’re looking for to answer any question. There’s always somebody else to go to within the Group who will collaborate with you.”


“Part of why it’s an exciting time to be with AAB is the expansion we’re undergoing. Expansion means more teams, and larger teams, which means there is even more expertise to draw upon when you need it. It also means access to new technology, and different approaches and systems that you can learn from. I’ve never known a company to grow so fast, so robustly.”

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