Mainly smaller owner managed businesses in a variety of sectors throughout Northern Ireland.


Audit and assurance services. Preparation of statutory accounts. Year-round advice and support as issues arise.


Construction. Engineering. Manufacturing. Haulage and Services.


Gareth McMullan is a Manager within our Audit and Assurance department. Gareth’s main responsibility is delivering on a variety of assignments specifically in relation to preparation of statutory accounts and delivery of audit engagements, as well as assisting clients with any adhoc queries they may have. His role also includes training team members internally and supporting the team by helping to find answers and solutions to any queries or issues that they may have.

Open communication

“I believe that a quality client relationship should strike the balance between a professional and a relaxed approach. The best client relationships are those that are open and relaxed; where you can share a laugh and get to know the client on a more personal level. But our clients also know that we’re here to provide them with a strong, quality service. Our teams will go above and beyond to find out how we can best support their business.

Clients can always expect me to provide relevant and practical advice at the appropriate times. They can also trust that I’ll be proactive in ensuring that all compliance deadlines are met.”

Working together

“The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is getting to understand their business and seeing the passion they have for the company they’ve grown and their enthusiasm for the future they’re planning. I enjoy getting into the detail of their unique processes and problems to understand as thoroughly as possible how we can help to deliver this dream by employing the wide range of expertise we have access to across the AAB group.

Collaboration with colleagues makes all aspects of the service we deliver easier and better. The strong ‘team-first’ approach of the firm means someone in the team is always there to provide support or assistance when you are struggling. This collaboration allows us to deliver the best for our clients and ensures that everyone in the team is brought along in developing and strengthening their own skills. No one gets left behind!”

Not afraid of a challenge

“AAB’s reputation for being disruptive, feisty and assertive is shared throughout the firm. I think it’s that kind of attitude that drives my approach to never just accept what has always been done. We always look for a better way to improve the process and the results for the client. However, as we challenge, we must also be open to being challenged! Listening to the views of others often drives the need for a change to provide the best possible services in the most efficient way, allowing us to deliver a quality service every time for clients.”

Technology creates opportunities

“AAB’s investment in technology continues to create significant opportunities to complete work for clients across the globe. Technology is fantastic for improving the efficiency of the work we do and the service we offer the client. However, I believe that face to face contact with clients and colleagues will always play a vital role in building quality relationships. It remains the key to really understanding our clients and exploring and figuring out exactly how we can help them. Being able to easily connect with colleagues from across all the different office locations through virtual channels has also helped to build cohesive teams that are there to support each other and drive each other to provide the best client experience possible each time.”

A fresh approach

“I’d say my greatest strength is my attitude. I always try to remain positive and focus on solutions rather than problems. I’m also passionate about bringing a fresh approach to audit. Often auditors can be viewed as difficult and an unnecessary cost to the business. With increased regulation, it’s easy to see why this could be the case. But I think we at AAB and FPM are able to meet the requirements of the regulator whilst still delivering this in a collaborative and friendly manner.”

Excited for what the future HOLDs

“I work with a broad range of clients, and I’m excited to see how they grow and develop with our help over the coming years. It’s a privilege to watch them and support them on that journey.

AAB and FPM are on an exciting growth journey and both brands have a strong reputation in their market and are known for quality and service excellence. This will generate future interesting projects and engagements for the teams, which is a really exciting prospect for all of us!”

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