Business Advisory Group Assistant Manager

Who I help

Small owner-managed businesses, large international groups.

How I help

By providing value added business advisory services and preparation of statutory accounts.

Sectors/ Services

Energy. Construction & Property. Food & Drink. Facilities management.

“I always plan in advance & maintain strong relationships”

Fiona McWilliam is a Business Advisory Group Assistant Manager. Fiona ensures everything runs smoothly from the planning to completion stage.

Based in our Aberdeen office Fiona has extensive experience across multiple sectors including Energy and Construction and Property. Fiona helps to ensure the smooth running of the business advisory team by managing the workload and workflows to make sure we meet deadlines and stay within budget. Fiona prides herself on being able to identify clients’ needs to build strong relationships.

Close-knit team

“I really enjoy taking part in the training and development of junior team members, especially guiding them through the audit process.

We have a real team ethos here at AAB that I love. Everyone is valued in providing the service to the client no matter what stage they are at in their career. As our company continues to grow it has been exciting to meet new people from all around the group.”

Close personal relationships

“I develop personal relationships with my clients, I like being able to ask them about family members or what they did at the weekend. I think that’s really nice. It makes me feel appreciated and satisfied to be my clients trusted advisor and meeting or exceeding their expectations.”

Embrace change

“I think being able to challenge the way we do things is always a good attribute to employ and encourage as accounting standards and our clients needs change.

At AAB we are really good at embracing technological change always striving to identify how we can improve the way we do things with new technological advances. Our audit software is cloud based and I’m now a Inflo Champion.

However, I think it’s important that we strike the right balance as it is so important for us to meet with clients face to face. Specifically, within audit it is key that we can still spend some time out at our clients premises and have face to face time to develop and maintain relationships.”

Continuing to grow

“AAB is constantly evolving and expanding, facing new challenges head on, and always looking for ways to stand out and think outside the box. I am excited to see how we continue to grow, what other locations we might expand to, what niches we can move into and what services we can provide to our growing client base.”

Supporting clients

“Auditors always seem to have a negative stereotype. I think some clients are often worried we are just here to find any mistakes that have been made. That is not the case! Our job is to provide reassurance that their accounts are correct, offer advice and, help to improve their processes and make their lives easier.”

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