Corporate Tax Senior Manager


From small family companies to large multi-national companies.


Corporate tax returns. Tax compliance. Capital allowances.


Across a wide range of sectors.


Emma Murphy is a Senior Tax Manager in the Corporate Tax team based at our Newry office, predominantly working within compliance.  Emma’s main responsibility is ensuring her clients are compliant with applicable tax laws, regulations, and reporting requirements. This includes preparing and reviewing corporate tax returns, ensuring accuracy and timeliness of filings, and addressing any tax compliance issues that may arise. She also has a particular interest in capital allowances and niche areas such as the Corporate Interest Restriction.

Emma also manages a team of tax professionals and trainee chartered accountants. She assigns and reviews work, provides guidance and training, and fosters a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Building strong relationships

“An ideal relationship with a client is built on trust, open communication, collaboration and mutual respect. I aim to provide my clients with expert tax guidance and help them make informed decisions that can optimise their tax position while minimising risks. To achieve our goals it’s important to have clear and timely communication while also taking a proactive approach when problem solving.

No two companies are the same. Therefore, when dealing with tax issues every job is different. Corporation tax can be complex and working with clients to navigate through intricate tax rules and find innovative solutions can be a very rewarding journey. I also find it satisfying to be able to make a tangible and positive impact on their financial success while building strong professional relationships.”

Challenging the status quo

“I believe that in order to drive positive change within an organisation it’s really important to challenge and question existing practices, processes, and norms. I always encourage the team to express their opinions, ideas and concerns with confidence as often these can lead to breakthrough ideas and innovative approaches.”

Striking a balance

“As a tech-enabled business, I think it’s great that we’re able to offer clients various meeting options, whether it’s online or offline. While I enjoy the efficiency and flexibility that virtual meetings bring, I believe in-person meetings are still the best way to really get to know the client and how they operate their business and build trust. Ultimately, I believe it’s about finding the right balance, and finding what is right for the client.”

The greatest challenge

“The greatest challenge for me is the complexity and ever-changing nature of the legislation with regards to corporation tax. To keep up to date with the rapidly changing tax landscape I regularly attend workshops to discuss the interpretations of the law.”

Nothing is more important than our people

“It’s great to see that FPM and AAB continually strive to offer an array of growth and development opportunities within the firm.  I feel it demonstrates that AAB values its employees and invests in their success. I believe this amazing culture we’ve built enhances employee engagement, job satisfaction, and our overall morale, ultimately leading to higher levels of productivity and retention.”

Being a part of a team

“I really enjoy being a part of a team where we collectively foster a supportive and uplifting environment. We learn from one another’s expertise and experiences, share knowledge and best practices, and enhance our skills together. I would say one of my greatest strengths is that I’m a real team player and I enjoy nothing more than seeing my colleagues grow and excel within the company.”

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