Business Advisory Services Manager



A variety of clients within various industries including engineering and manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, software, hospitality and tourism, real estate and construction, financial and professional services and energy and renewables.


Financial analysis. Tax planning and compliance. Financial reporting. Business Advisory services. Technology integration.


Business Services. Food & Drink. Leisure. Retail & Hospitality. Construction & Property. Family Business. Industrial. Technology.


Diana Carvalho is a Business Advisory Services Manager. Working in our Mallusk and Belfast office, her role involves reviewing work in progress, planning monthly workflows, allocating budgets, filing deadlines and dealing with urgent client matters. On a more technical level, Diana works with the tax team to complete statutory compliance tasks. This includes producing management accounts for clients and completing tax assignments such as corporation tax, personal tax, VAT and complex tax planning projects that may involve group restructuring.


“I aim to help my clients’ businesses with all their accounting, finance-related matters and tax planning queries. I play a pivotal role in being their first point of contact when they need one of our services or to gain clarity on a simple query.

An ideal relationship with a client in an accountancy practice is built on trust, clear communication, and mutual respect. It involves actively listening to their needs, providing expert advice tailored to their situation and delivering accurate and timely financial services. It’s also about being proactive in addressing their concerns, staying updated on relevant regulations, and fostering a collaborative partnership focused on their long-term success.”


“As their accountant, clients expect me to effectively manage their financial accounts with accuracy, attention to detail and integrity. They also expect timely communication, proactive advice and to be met with transparency in all financial dealings.

From a tax perspective, my clients expect me to have a thorough understanding of tax laws and regulations relevant to their situation. They would rely on me to ensure compliance with tax obligations whilst minimising their tax liabilities through strategic planning and advice.

Ultimately, I aim to provide solutions to my clients’ problems as soon and as efficiently as possible. Working together with my team and our extended teams across the AAB Group share such a range of expertise that if in the event I don’t know the answer, there is always someone in the team best placed to do so.”


“I love my role, it still challenges me every day, but it has evolved greatly over the last seven years. I’ve worked with several SMEs who operate in different sectors across Northern Ireland and Ireland, providing a wealth of opportunities to learn from them.

Because of this, it is hard to describe a typical day for me. One day I could be preparing accounts to allow my client to apply for a loan to grow their business. The next day I could be evaluating growth plans for the same client who is looking to expand organically or acquire another business. No two days are the same, and no client is the same.

At the end of the day, my focus is on delivering our services at the highest quality possible by respecting each client’s individuality and taking responsibility for the delivery of our work.”


“I had been involved in a very complicated and lengthy tax investigation for a client who had their company and his personal tax affairs investigated. Recently, I was able to bring both to closure with the best possible outcome for the client. The client sent me a lovely email to express his gratitude for my diligence, care, attention and kindness. He then organised a meeting to thank me personally and shared that he had never met someone as passionate about their work, empathetic and positive as me, which meant the world to me.

If that wasn’t enough, he also emailed the partner to explain the impact that my work had made on allowing him and his family to move on with the rest of their lives with peace of mind and that he would never forget that I worked tirelessly through the night to ensure their response was sent before the deadline. This was one of the greatest compliments I’ve received in my role and although the project was challenging, the result was worth it.”

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