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Based in our Glasgow office, David Broadhurst is a Financial Controller within the AAB Hotel Accounting team. He is a hotel operational and finance specialist with over 20 years of experience within the hotel sector, both in-hotel and head office. David is responsible for a team that look after a portfolio of 28 hotels, providing accurate and timely Profit & Loss accounts and balance sheets both each month and year end, and ensuring that processes run as smoothly as possible.

In his role, David is passionate about developing junior team members. He supports the internal team with training while using his broad experience to provide background knowledge about on-site hotel financing.

Building deeper, trusting relationships

“For me, any client relationship must be built on mutual trust. It is only when we have a trusting relationship with the client that we can work in close partnership to support them to achieve their goals. I always aim to provide a personal service designed to support their individual needs. So, it’s important that my clients trust me and talk to me about the challenges they face as well as their aspirations so that we can ensure we provide a high-quality, bespoke service.

In addition, honesty is an important pillar of a lasting client relationship. I’m upfront in my communication and not afraid to have difficult conversations when I feel there is an opportunity to improve procedures to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.”

No two days are alike

“I enjoy working with clients and building strong relationships. Having worked within the hotel industry for different brands and varied sizes of hotels, I feel I have a deeper understanding of our client’s challenges and needs. It’s really satisfying to be able to use my experience and knowledge to help my clients find the best possible solutions to the problems they face.

I also love that in the hotel trade you never get two hotels or two days the same. Every day is a fresh new challenge and keeps me interested in the work I do.”

Moving forward with technology

“We’re very much moving with the times, and I feel fortunate that AAB are huge on automation; we have a dedicated specialist team that build reports bespoke to our clients. Being able to automate most of the daily mundane tasks means we can allow both our own team, and the client, to spend more time on making a difference.

Other than automation, technology has also given us the flexibility to communicate with our clients via virtual channels, allowing us more efficient use of time. With that said, a more hands-on approach is still essential as it gives us the opportunity to really get to know the client and the business, allowing us to provide a more personalised service. In terms of my preferred balance between the virtual and ‘hands-on’ routes, I believe it’s best to take into account how the client wants to communicate, and what way is the most efficient.”

My strengths

“I’d say my biggest strength is the experience I have gained from working in the hotel industry for over 20 years. Being involved in the pre-opening, onboarding, and hotel operations, I have gained extensive knowledge about how hotels operate across the UK and Ireland. I’m also able to relate to all levels within the business and can explain finance to non-finance people.

In addition, I also feel I’m a very approachable person. I’m always happy to help others and give insight to clients and the rest of the team.”

Excited about the future and its possibilities

“As technology continues to evolve, I’m looking forward to continuing to take the pressure off our clients by putting innovative tech-enabled processes in place for them. What we do in the sector is unique and there aren’t many places that offer such a fully comprehensive and dedicated service, so I’m incredibly excited for AAB Hotel Accounting to continue to grow and be recognised as a leading service within the hotel industry.”


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