Virtual Finance Function Assistant Manager


Who I help

Oil & Gas. Large Corporates. AIM listed companies.

How I help

Management accounts. Financial reporting. Audit support.

“I always aim to deliver ahead of time.”

Claire Hood is a VFF Assistant Manager. Based in our Aberdeen office she supports her clients by providing management accounting, transactional assistance, financial reporting and audit support.

In her role Claire works closely with other departments across our group. Namely the Indirect Tax team to provide them with all the information they might need for the review and timely submission of our clients VAT and overseas Indirect Tax returns.

Working in collaboration

“It’s important for me that I’m working together, collaboratively with clients to achieve a common goal. I’m there to help my clients in any way I can. I achieve this by clearly outlining what a project will entail. Ensuring that the parts we all play are clearly set out and are clear to everyone involved. I always aim to deliver ahead of time where possible and communicate any updates to clients on progress throughout. This helps them to trust that I’m able to provide a high-quality service and that their financial information is in safe hands. Fostering a positive relationship, which, in turn enables greater communication and problem solving where necessary.”

Proactively working alongside clients

“VFF provides a necessary service for our clients. They expect accurate and timely information and advice from me. In the same way they would receive if they had an in-house finance department. I love that I’m able to provide clients with that service that removes burdens and stress from their workloads. Allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business instead.

I always take a proactive approach to managing my workload, so I know I’m able to give clients financial pace of mind. My role is often varied and involves no shortage of problem solving and coming up with ways to help our clients. I love the variety that my role brings and the knowledge and experience I’m able to gain through supporting clients through different challenges and nuances outside of what we normally provide them with.”

Helping each other when we need it

“My role provides me with the opportunity to work in different client teams which is great. This enables me to build strong internal relationships with my colleagues and create a sense of camaraderie with them.

In VFF we often work on recurring monthly deadlines such as monthly management reporting, and this can be a satisfying task when the turn-around times are fairly short, and the team are all working together. I love to lend a helping hand to colleagues and am never really too busy (even if I am) – I know that they will return the favour if needed.”

Meeting the needs of our clients

“In VFF we highlight the firm’s tech-enabled approach, by not just providing a service, but by actually integrating and becoming a part of our client’s team completely virtually. Of course, having face to face interactions is lovely and is great for building relationships, but it totally depends on what the client is looking for.

I think it is a balance that is different for every client and it’s on us to build a strong and trusting relationship whether we see the client face-to-face, have regular calls, or mostly correspond through email. My longest standing client is overseas, which is a testament to how adaptable VFF is.”

Career goals that are supported

“VFF is such an exciting department to work in as we have a unique and truly scalable offering suited to so many clients. This excites me as I’m gaining such a broad wealth of knowledge and experience – essentially gaining both industry and practice experience rolled into one.

AAB has been very supportive of my career in terms of development and progression and those around me genuinely advocate for me in this sense. I look forward to taking on more challenges and continuing to push myself out of my comfort zone, in such an encouraging workplace.”

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