Business Advisory Group Assistant Manager



Non-Audit companies. Owner Managed Businesses. Partnerships. Sole Traders.


Year End accounts preparation. VAT. Management Accounts. Bookkeeping. Business Advisory.


Construction. Farming. Engineering. Energy. Hospitality.


Based in our Dungannon office, Ciaran Barker is a Business Advisory Group Assistant Manager. His main responsibilities include preparing and analysing financial statements, ensuring compliance, management accounting, and assisting clients with accurately reporting their financial performance and position. Alongside this, Ciaran provides financial advice to businesses and individuals which can involve budgeting, forecasting, and investment planning.

Ciaran is passionate about providing our clients with personalised solutions to help them achieve their financial objectives, whilst optimising profits and managing risks effectively.

Building strong client relationships

“I find that the better I know the client, the more I can be proactive in anticipating their needs. It’s important that I understand our client’s objectives to ensure we’re delivering the service that our client truly needs. I also try to be there for our clients as much as I can. I want them to feel comfortable to ask me questions at any time and know that I’ll always be available to address any queries or concerns they might have.”

Adding value

“The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is being able to add significant value to their business, whether that be highlighting an area of financial opportunity or concern, or helping clients navigate complex financial challenges. I also feel it’s important to bring the client along on the journey so I always try to keep them informed on the latest financial updates or trends. It’s always rewarding feeling seeing clients’ businesses grow and thrive, and knowing that our support and the relationship we’ve built has played a role in their success.”

Not afraid of a challenge

“I feel it’s important to challenge our clients so that we can find the best possible solution, as opposed to simply doing things how it has always been done before. Not everyone likes doing things out of their comfort zone at first, but at FPM, we believe it is only when we overcome the fear of change that we can continuously improve and achieve greater outcomes. It gives me a real sense of satisfaction when we can work together with the client to push boundaries and overcome the barriers.”

My strengths

“One of my greatest strengths is my ability to build strong relationships. I get on really well with colleagues and clients, and this makes collaboration a lot easier. I love that we can share expertise with peers and learn from each other while also coordinating out efforts to find innovative solutions to tackling our clients’ challenges.

In addition to this, I’m passionate about a lot of areas of my work and I always look for opportunities to further develop my own skillset. Having a real passion in the work that I do makes ‘work’ feel a lot less like work and more of a genuine interest to meet our clients’ financial needs, which I believe reflects well in the quality of service I provide to our clients.”

Adapting to ever-evolving technology

“I believe that in this day and age, having the ability to adapt to a technological approach can give you a head start. Technology offers infinite opportunities to improve our client service as well as countless learning opportunities. The virtual world breaks down barriers to allow us to efficiently communicate with team members and clients across the globe. However, I do believe finding a balance is key. Meeting colleagues and clients face-to-face offers a personal touch which the virtual route simply can’t match.”

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