Owner managed businesses. Small and medium companies. International groups.


External audit compliance. Statutory accounts preparation. Accounting advice.


Construction. Health. Recycling. Manufacturing.


Ciara McKee is an Audit Manager based in our Newry office. She leads a range of audit and assurance services for a diverse portfolio of clients and ensures that the audit process is efficient and tailored to meet clients’ needs.

As part of her role, Ciara is passionate about assisting and mentoring junior colleagues to progress and grow within the company.

Building trust

“An ideal relationship with a client is one built on mutual trust and respect. At AAB we have a people focused approach, so building trust and having open and honest communication is really important. I aim to be available to my clients any time they need advice and support. I want to be able to make an impact, so I strive to go the extra mile to get to know my clients outside of the audit. I believe doing so strengthens the relationship and helps to build trust.”

Success stories

“The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is seeing their passion and drive behind what they’re working towards. I love following my clients’ success stories. There can be a negative stigma around auditing, that it’s a burden on companies, but clients who have seen the positive impact we bring to their business testify that auditing can certainly be painless and yield valuable insights for improvement. As a team, we aim to deliver an efficient and robust audit whilst also offering advice and support on areas where improvements can be made.

In addition, seeing junior members of staff develop, grow and progress in their careers is equally rewarding. It always feels great to see junior colleagues come out of their shells and fulfil their potential. At AAB, there’s an amazing team spirit and as the Group continues to grow, I look forward to meeting and working with new people.”

Embracing technology advancements

“Emerging technologies have enabled us to provide quality audit services virtually. In fact, it’s now possible to complete an audit from start to finish without ever meeting the client in-person. However, speaking with a client face to face allows for more effective discussions and gives us a real visual of the day-to-day running of the business. While it’s great that technology has allowed for flexibility in meeting with clients, it’s our personal touch when meeting clients face to face that truly enhances the service we deliver.”

AABsolutely dedicated to providing the best service

“My greatest strength is that I’m highly dedicated to my work. I ensure that I’m continuously providing the best quality of service to all my clients. I’m approachable and have strong people skills which enable me to create positive working relationships with both colleagues and clients.

Additionally, I also thrive on challenges. I’m not afraid to challenge the status quo; when I feel I can offer constructive criticism I’m confident to do so.”

The key to growing & succeeding together

“The AAB team is built on a foundation of mutual respect and trust. Everyone’s opinions are equally valued no matter where they’re at within the practice. For me, I firmly believe in a collaborative approach to work and that knowledge sharing is the key to growing and succeeding together. At AAB, I’m proud to say there is certainly no shortage of the willingness to share and collaborate.”

Excited for what the future brings

“The AAB Group is constantly evolving and expanding, and the future is looking bright. I’m incredibly excited to see what locations we expand to next and what exciting new service offerings we can provide to our existing and ever-growing client base. Personally, I’m also looking forward to the new opportunities AAB’s growth will bring as I’m always looking ahead and accepting new challenges to progress in my career.”