Owner Managed Businesses. Small, Medium and Large Companies. International Groups.  


External Audit Compliance. Statutory Accounts Preparation. Accounting Advice.  


Oil and Gas. Recruitment and Consultancy. Automotive. Waste Management.  


Christina Torrance is a Senior Manager within our Audit team in Aberdeen. She’s involved in the day-to-day management of the department and handles external audit and statutory accounts preparation for clients across a broad range of sectors. Christina also sits on the Energy sector team at AAB.  

As well as offering advice throughout the year, Christina supports her clients through the audit process, ensuring they meet their compliance and regulatory obligations – and that the process is as efficient and painless as possible. She also really enjoys training her team, helping junior members learn, grow and progress through the company.  


“I’m very much a people person and that helps me build strong relationships with my clients. I like to understand a little bit about them – it’s lovely if I can ask how their children are or what they did at the weekend. If you have that fundamental grounding it makes working together so much easier. Clients know they can approach me if they require help throughout the year (even if it is from another department), or I can go to them if I spot ways that we could provide additional support.  

I enjoy meeting new colleagues and getting to know them too. The nature of what I do means that I work closely with the Corporate Tax team. But as our company grows, it’s great that we get an opportunity to meet people from other departments and locations on a regular basis.” 


“It’s so satisfying if you feel like you’ve helped someone – and if you can make their audit as simple and straightforward as possible. I recently received a lovely message from one of my clients I used to work with who said they ‘would really like to keep in touch and meet up again soon.’ Messages like this are special and make such a difference.” 


“Accounting and audit standards are updated on a regular basis, so it can be a challenge to stay on top of them – though very important that we do. AAB is really good at helping us do that – they arrange for sessions on audit, accounting and tax to help us stay up to date. This helps us to communicate these matters to our clients on a regular basis should it affect them.” 


“There’s very much a stereotype associated with auditors – we seem to unfairly get a bad name. We’re always portrayed as being really boring, not having any sort of life and just trying to catch people out all the time. But you know that’s really not us at all.  

My job is to give clients peace of mind that their accounts are correct. And to offer advice if there are ways I can help make their working practices easier – that should be seen in a positive light. And do you know what? We’re not boring. We’re great fun and enjoy socialising.”

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