President of AAB Payroll Inc


Who I help

Leadership team

How I help

Optimising clients workflow. Supporting the leadership team

“Collaboration is at the core of everything we do”

Chris Andree is President of AAB Payroll Inc. Based in our Grand Rapids Michigan office Chris works closely with the leadership team to plan and chart the course of the business.

A key part of Chris’ role is enabling the leadership team to successfully carry out tasks by removing any and all obstacles to keep them on the right track.

True partnership

“A common misconception within our industry is that clients are just another number to their provider. That is not the case for us. That would be doing our clients a disservice. Providing excellent customer service is important to all of us. We are all passionate about our work and enjoy not only helping our clients achieve their goals but also building strong relationships with them.

The best relationship with a client is a true partnership, one where we are working with an aligned approach towards a common goal.

With that partnership comes honesty. Clients don’t like to be told half truths to make them feel better in the short term. They much prefer straight forward honest feedback so they know what to expect and can make decisions with all the important and relevant information at their disposal.”

Growth in times of challenge

“I believe that if you don’t get involved with clients and have difficult conversations you don’t find growth. It’s very easy to leave things alone because they are comfortable and ‘work’ but if you can’t have a straightforward conversation or evaluate your processes you can’t build strong, trusting relationships and find better ways to optimize processes.

My preferred approach is ‘whatever it takes’. Whether that’s virtually or face to face, the goal is to help clients achieve their goals and leave them in a better position than where they started.

Staying the course

“For me, one of the greatest challenges is keeping everyone moving in the same direction. It’s not uncommon for team members to be focused on their individual projects or goals. So, the overall direction of the business might get forgotten about. That’s where I come in- to help steer everyone in the right direction.”

Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity

“Personally, I’m excited to start fresh and have new opportunities. Having new challenges keeps me going, it helps me to stay sharp.

At AAB we have a real opportunity to grow and expand into the US. This team specifically has a very unique opportunity to be part of something with a wealth of untapped opportunity and resources. It’s such an exciting time and I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Together state of mind

“When you work as a team and not just a group of individuals, I truly believe that you can find a resolution to almost anything.  That’s what makes our team great! We are all strong at what we do and we work together selflessly for the greater good our team and our clients.

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do at AAB. Working with a larger group and being part of something bigger gives us the opportunity to help clients in ways we haven’t historically been able to before. It also allows me to go into situations more confidently knowing my team will support me because we will solve problems together”

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