Global Employment Tax Senior Manager


Who I help

A variety of clients across multiple sectors who are sending employees to work overseas.

How I help

Providing assistance with Global Employment Tax Compliance, Expatriate Tax & Payroll.

“We’re not afraid of a challenge.”

Carol Sim is a Global Employment Tax Senior Manager. Based in our Aberdeen office Carol supports clients with overseas employment taxes and global mobility for both UK and International clients across multiple sectors. A lot of the initial stages of her role involve scoping out the work in hand to provide the requirements for filing in country and identifying if there is any at home compliance necessary.

Carol has been at AAB at over 12 years. She has progressed within the firm in that time from joining as Assistant Manager to Senior Manager. She now uses her own experience of development within the firm to help junior members of the team to develop their careers.

Building strong relationships

“In my role it’s imperative that I really get to know my clients. The importance of building rapport with them and understanding their business cannot be understated. The client gets to know you at the same time that you get to know their business. That goes a long way to establish trust each way. When you have that relationship with a client, they are more likely to come back and work with you again because they trust that you’ll do a good job, and you’ll ensure they are compliant. The added benefit for clients is that now AAB Group has over 1000 employees when a client has a query if I don’t know the answer there’s a wealth of experts and specialists that I can turn to for help who might have the answer.

Offering clear guidance

“For clients sending employees overseas can be a convoluted and complex process. That’s where we come in- our aim to make the whole experience as smooth, sleek and cost- effective as possible. Providing support from start to finish in situations that might be completely foreign for them. Our goal is for them to be compliant. We achieve this goal by giving honest professional advice.”

“I love being able to help clients. I offer expert and efficient guidance that helps them when sending employees overseas. Ensuring they are compliant with a smooth and sleek process. There’s nothing more satisfying for me than knowing I’ve been able to ease that and take some of the stress of the situation away from them.”

Support function

“Being able to help and support junior members of the team to progress is amazing. I’ve been through similar progression within the firm so being able to give back and use my own experience to help develop the next generation is so rewarding. Seeing their confidence grow and them expand their knowledge is great. It’s also a great opportunity for me to learn from them as well, everyone approaches a situation differently and working with junior members of the team is always great to gain a new and refreshing perspective. At AAB we put a big emphasis on sharing knowledge across teams.”

A problem shared is a problem halved.

“At AAB we’re not afraid of a challenge. There are times where a client might come to us with a request that is complex or appears quite daunting. We don’t shy away from that. We will put in the time and work with the client and our colleagues to reach a successful resolution that everyone is happy with. When a project seems quite big and overwhelming breaking it down into more manageable pieces makes it a lot easier, working with colleagues also helps. It’s so beneficial taking on these jobs that challenge us because it’s an opportunity for us to gain experience and it means that we know how to deal with the situation when the next client comes to us for support. We’re always trying to develop ourselves and provide an excellent service to those who work with us, you can see that through the growth of the group through M&A activity. This only serves to make what we’re doing and how we’re helping our clients and the delivery of our service better for our clients.


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