Business Advisory Assistant Manager

Who I help

SME’s, Owner- Managed Businesses, Family Businesses

How I help

Business advisory and compliance statutory year end accounts, management accounting, cloud accounting, bookkeeping

Sector/ Support

Cloud accounting

“I want to be my clients most trusted advisor”

Callum Michie is a Business Advisory Assistant Manager. Based in our Aberdeen office, Callum acts as a key point of contact for our clients. He is often analysing and identifying areas where a client can benefit from advice and services that will save them time and allow them to focus on the running and operational side of their business.

In addition to this, Callum aids in the development of junior members of the team. Providing on the job training, delivering group training session and providing developmental feedback.

Focus on success

“I want to be my clients most trusted advisor. That means having open and regular communication with them. It means a relationship built upon mutual respect and trust. They need to believe that we will provide a high-quality service that is as smooth as it is timely. When they know that we have everything in hand they can focus on other things that are more important like the running of their business. We’re here to give them peace of mind that their financial reporting obligations are in the safest hands possible.

It’s so satisfying being able to give clients the platform to focus on the growth and success of their business and seeing that focus turn into tangible success as a result of their hard work is amazing”.

Committed to the development of people

“As someone who joined the business as a junior member of the team I’ve loved being able to work my way up to a managerial position. Now I’m in a position where I can not only see but help junior members of staff with their professional and career development in the same way that I received help. Sharing my knowledge and watching them really grow into their roles is amazing.”

“As a firm, AAB is constantly expanding and evolving. This expansion is in turn creating opportunities for our people all the time. I’m a product of that and I think it’s something so important to be passionate and committed to the development of your people- that’s one of the things that make this a great place to work.”

Forefront of tech advancement

“AAB is at the forefront of the technological advancements happening within the accounting sector. This allows us to present our clients with multiple solutions and approaches to any challenges they bring to us. It also gives us the flexibility to provide the most efficient solution whether that is remote responses remote responses via phone, email or Teams, providing cloud based technological solutions and the more ‘traditional’ face-to-face in person meetings where it can be a lot simpler to communicate than email back and forth.

Balancing act

“One of the greatest challenges of my role is balancing the wide variety of compliance needs and respective reporting deadlines for all clients whilst making sure that all clients receive the high level of attention and service they expect and deserve. In order to help with this, AAB’s agile mind set and hybrid working is helpful as it allows you and the team to work flexibly to cover high volume time periods then balance this with quieter periods.”

Experts in every field

“Collaboration is our superpower – nobody at AAB is expected to be able to answer any question. We have an amazing team with top class knowledge across all areas who can come together to give our clients the best possible specialist advice from cloud accounting to complex overseas tax affairs to staff secondments – we’ve got experts in every field across all our locations. This allows us to come together to provide unrivalled value and top class service to our clients no matter their requirements.”

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