I provide Audit and Assurance Services to a range of diverse clients from small owner managed businesses to large international groups, cumulating experience from a wide array of core industries from Oil and Gas service providers, national sporting bodies, global freight and logistic service and hospitality.  


Offer audit and assurance services and preparation of statutory accounts preparation for our clients, along with all year round service of advice and support.  


Audit & Assurance teams, primarily services rendered to local North East companies and the wider Oil and Gas markets. Additionally, involved in the firm wide technology development team and the lead spokesperson for the Audit department.  


Caleb Wake is a Manager in our Audit & Assurance department. Based in Aberdeen, the main focus of his role is to be responsible for leading teams throughout the audit process and ensure successful completion of the audit engagement to both partners and clients, as well as acting as a key point of contact for client engagements. He works closely with our clients to provide audit and assurance services as well as Statutory Accounts Preparation. Finally, Caleb aids in the development of our new graduates and trainees through structured training courses and hands on experience.  


“I believe all our relationships should be founded with a combination of a professional but relaxed and open approach. The corporate world can often be formal and fast-moving, without the time to get to know who you work for or works for you. For me an ideal relationship is one that is open, honest and supportive of each other. We are here to provide a strong, quality service and our teams will go above and beyond to find out all about you, your business and how we can support you.  

I believe these relationships are only strengthened by adopting open two-way communication, where the more you know about us, the better you know how we are placed to service you and your business to the best of our ability.”  


“Clients expect a strong, deliverable service that is provided to a high quality. While it may not be expected, the one thing I believe AAB provide over and above its competitors is the desire to go above and beyond for each of its clients, no matter the size of query or request. Even if the query is beyond the knowledge of the individual, our team members utilise the magnitude of cumulative knowledge shared amongst our team to find the best solution to the problem at hand.  

We are an open team, who know how to best utilise our people’s key strengths and experiences to best service our clients. In my particular experience and areas of expertise, while clients may originally expect a high quality, efficient statutory audit service, what they often come to find is a lasting business advisor and not just another auditor.” 


“Sometimes people say I may take this to heart and forget how to switch off from work, but a busy work schedule creates a busy mind and I believe I bring a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to each new or existing piece of work I take on. For me, a satisfactory job is one where I get to build strong relationships with people, both internally and externally from AAB.  

The biggest challenge we often face is conflicting demands on time and resources, and it is often my key role within my job to ensure that all these demands are treated equally, and a steady service is provided to each and every one of our clients. While this can be demanding, it allows me to ensure I always provide a high-quality service to each one of my clients.” 


“Being an ‘auditor’. I enjoy my job and the service offering I provide to clients but there is often a stigma associated with being an auditor where we are only there to provide a statutory service to clients, disrupt and anguish the status quo for a short period then remain out of mind until the following year. Where in fact once we have begun to build those relationships and something I am sure our existing clients would express, we are in fact professional, hardworking accountants and people who want to provide both a statutory audit service but also provide the best service we can for our clients in any aspect with can. We are committed to working with our clients, not only for a short period each year as their auditors, but through building strong advisory relationships designed to support their businesses as they grow and develop throughout each year. 

This profession can also come with late nights and long hours and balancing a personal and professional life remains an ongoing challenge. The hybrid approach has allowed me to balance work life with my personal life. I can continue to provide onsite support to my clients and the team to build those important relationships, but it also allows me the flexibility to work in a way I can also support my busy young family at home.” 

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