Business Advisory Assistant Manager


Who I help

A variety of clients from the technology, property, and farming sectors. Alongside SME’s and Owner-managed businesses.

How I help

Providing support and business advisory services.

“I want the best for my clients”.

Based in our Edinburgh office, Caitlin Treschman is a Business Advisory Assistant Manager. Acting as a key point of contact for her clients, Caitlin prides herself on maintaining strong relationships so her clients know they can rely on her for advice or answers to their questions.

Caitlin manages a wide ranging and diverse portfolio of clients from different sectors. She is often found switching hats between sectors and between helping clients and helping junior members of the team with their development and career progression.

Improving the business position

“I genuinely care about my clients’ businesses and their business position. It’s my job to ensure that they’re always kept informed of any compliance deadlines and I’m there to provide support in any way that I can. It’s important to me that they believe I’m doing a good job and that I’m adding value for them. I strive to always get to know my clients personally. It’s nice to be able to have conversation that aren’t only about work. The best client relationships are ones where we have trust and good communication both ways.”

A people person

“I love meeting new people. In my role, I have the opportunity to meet and speak to new people all the time. You go from not knowing these people to working really closely with them. You get to build these strong relationships with them where you trust each other, are working towards a common goal and they rely on your advice and support to achieve their goals. That’s not something I take for granted or take lightly”.

Nothing can replace face to face

“I think something the pandemic took away from us was that element of having face to face meetings and being able to go to the offices of clients. Where the pandemic stopped this from happening technology stepped in and enabled us to continue have meetings and frequent communication with clients. They just happen to be virtual now. Tech is great, it helps us to do our job but as someone who loved getting out and interacting with clients, getting to know them, their businesses and their goals will always be much better around a table face to face than through a screen. So much of our roles we couldn’t do without tech.”

Equal opportunities

“As a woman in the professional services industry I’m really encouraged and excited by the opportunities that exist across the firm. Having role models at work that are female is amazing and a really big deal. At AAB all opportunities are equal opportunities which isn’t something you get everywhere, and I think it’s such a great thing. I have my own career goals and I not only know what I need to do to achieve them, I have the support here as well.”