SMEs. Private clients. Public Sector / Government Agencies.


ESG. Brexit. Raising finance. Grant applications. Business planning and restructuring. Financial modelling. Costing and margin analysis. Financial reporting. Economic and financial appraisals.


Construction. Engineering. Manufacturing. IT. Food and drink.


Aveen McShane is a Director within FPM Accountants and a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland. Aveen, who also holds a BSc degree in Finance from Queen’s University Belfast, is part of FPM’s senior management team and assumes a lead role within its Business Advisory Division where she has worked since 2011.

Aveen has significant experience in assisting SMEs across the UK and Ireland, having worked closely with clients in numerous sectors, including construction, engineering, manufacturing, food and drink and IT. She supports her clients on a wide range of financial and strategic issues, such as raising finance, grant applications, business planning and restructuring, financial modelling, costing and margin analysis, financial reporting and, more recently, the challenges and opportunities that have arisen out of the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit. Aveen also works closely with a number of public sector / government agencies supporting them with corporate, financial and economic appraisals.

Aveen is passionate about supporting organisations with their ESG journeys – helping them deal with the difficulties they might face as well as helping them make the most of opportunities available. To enable her to do this, she successfully studied Business Sustainability Management at The University of Cambridge and holds a Certificate in Sustainability, Risk & Reporting from Chartered Accountants Ireland. Aveen now assumes the lead role in ESG and is building a team of experts to support organisations across the UK and Ireland with their sustainability journeys.

First port of call

“Trust is a key component to building strong and lasting relationships. I aim to be a Trusted Advisor – the first person clients contact for advice before they make decisions. To achieve this, I try to be able to bring them opportunities as well as being available when they need me to discuss any questions or concerns that they might be having.”

A positive difference

“The most satisfying aspect of my work is being able to provide valuable support to clients, for example, by helping them develop a really robust strategy or secure funding, and then watching the company grow and succeed. I find it extremely rewarding to be able to relieve clients’ stress and anxiety.”

Tech enhances our service

“Face to face connection initially is very important as business is all about building strong, meaningful relationships, and interaction is key in developing trust and rapport. However, technology has proven to really enhance the way we and our clients work. Virtual meetings also support our sustainability agenda, as well as improving efficiencies for both clients and FPM. Having now moved into the era of hybrid work, I would say finding a balance between the two is key.”

The greatest challenge

“I’d say the greatest challenge in my specialist area is keeping abreast of developments and what clients need. It’s crucial that I stay on top of the rapid pace of regulatory developments, and I respond to this challenge by continuing to upskill and to surround myself with knowledgeable experts in the various fields such as Brexit and ESG.”

Adaptability & Drive

“I believe the greatest strengths I bring to the table are my adaptability and strong drive. I regularly embrace new challenges, whether it’s supporting clients with their Brexit-related issues or with their sustainability journeys. I always strive to go above and beyond for clients ensuring our service is high quality, which usually results in recurring business!

MSO CEO Ralph Chambers very kindly made the point that it was the support I offered to his Team that made the decision to move to FPM easy.”

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