Business Advisory Manager


Owner-managed businesses. Sole traders. Partnerships. LLPs. Limited companies.


Management accounts. Compliance services. VAT returns. Bookkeeping. Remuneration planning & advice.


Retail, leisure & hospitality. Tourism. Construction & property. GP Practices.


Anne Ewen is a Business Advisory Manager based in our Glasgow office. Anne manages a varied portfolio of clients and supports the team to deliver a wide range of services to clients.  Primarily, this includes helping clients to meet their accounting, taxation compliance, and reporting requirements.  In addition, this process often leads to identifying opportunities which can help clients with the management and development of their businesses and lead to tax efficiencies for the business and them personally.

Anne is passionate about developing and maintaining good relationships with clients to provide them with a high quality, bespoke service.

A trusted advisor

“I want my clients to feel they can approach me to ask for help or support with any area of running or growing their business, whether it’s something as simple as help with their bookkeeping, or as complex as restructuring their business.

With this aim in mind, I try my best to be available and responsive to their needs. I strive to be someone that they can trust to deliver their required services to a high standard and to also offer pro-active advice when it’s appropriate.”

“The Samaritans”

“For me, I find it incredibly interesting getting to know my clients and learning about their business. This helps me to understand what their short term and long term goals are and how I can help them to achieve them.

I find it really rewarding when a client is appreciative of the help and support I have given them. I have a client who refers to me as The Samaritans whenever he calls. Whilst it’s said in jest, I take it as a compliment and like to think that it means I’m an excellent listener and he trusts me as someone he can talk to about the daily ups and downs that managing a business brings.”

Inspiring others

“As a manager within the Business Advisory Services team, it’s important for me to help my colleagues in the team to develop their skills and progress their career opportunities. We all started out as a trainee and although it’s a long time ago now, I remember how appreciative I was of colleagues taking the time to share their knowledge and experience with me. So, no matter how busy I am, I will find the time to support my colleagues when they need it. This learning process never ends and I’m lucky to benefit from advice and support from my peers within the firm.”

Responding to the challenges

“Compliance work comes with the pressure of meeting filing deadlines.  Effective organisation and planning of team resources ensure we are achieving these. Our clients expect us to be proactive advisors with their best interests at heart and this requires us to keep our knowledge relevant and up to date. It’s important to know what changes in legislation are planned and how these may affect our clients so we can advise them accordingly of any action they may need to take.”

Going above & beyond

“Our purpose is to help clients to achieve their goals and sleep at night. As a team, we relentlessly pursue this purpose by providing clients with exceptional service. I work hard to achieve this, learning and developing new and existing skills to enable me to support my clients. I don’t always instantly know the answers to challenges that clients come to me with, but I know that we do have great teams of experienced and skilled people within the firm, who I can collaborate with to come up with the best solution for our clients.”

My strengths

“I believe my work ethic is the greatest strength I bring to the table. I have a very flexible approach to work, always open to learning new skills and taking on new challenges.  I like to think that I’m a very approachable person too and always make time to listen to and support my colleagues.”