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A Wide Range of Sectors.  


Andrea Begg is a Director within our Business Advisory team. She works with a wide range of clients – from sole traders and start-ups, right through to owner managed businesses and large family businesses.  

Based in Aberdeen, Andrea supports her clients with tax advice, compliance, and tax efficient remuneration planning. She’s also part of the Tax Investigations team. And while many of her clients are in the fishing industry, others span a diverse array of sectors.   

This is a role that Andrea finds incredibly satisfying because she can make a difference for her clients. She’s a business adviser who solves problems by finding solutions. And for clients, that takes a weight off their shoulders, knowing that everything is under control.  


“To build a good relationship with a client, there has to be trust. I invest time getting to know someone well – and that’s not just knowing about their business but knowing them as an individual too. Then it’s easier for me to say, have you thought about doing this? Or why don’t we see if this works better? I’ve worked with many of my clients for years and years. So I do feel quite close to them. And with some of the family businesses, our relationship even spans generations. That’s very special.”


“When clients come to me, I think they expect a good service – because we’re not the cheapest out there. But they often remark that they rarely heard from their previous firm – or that they always took too long to respond. So, I think they’re pleasantly surprised by the awesome service I provide.  

What they want is someone approachable and proactive. Someone who will deal with things quickly and offer a friendly service. And of course, someone who will give them value for money. That’s what I try to give them.” 


“I’d probably say the greatest challenge I face in my work, is just continually delivering for my clients. I work hard to give each and every one of them the highest level of service possible. So I need to be 100% focused on maintaining that – or even improving it. I don’t really like talking about fees, but I do like talking about how I can give my clients value for money.”  


“When it comes to my strengths, I’d say that I’m personable, focused and have great attention to detail. But even more than that, I’m a very rounded adviser with a broad knowledge of all types of tax. So that really helps me see the big picture and how everything fits into that. 

I think clients like working with me because I care. And I don’t just care about their business, I care about them as a person. I think that’s crucial – because if you don’t care, then you’re never, ever going to be good at what you do.” 


“Sometimes you just know that your clients are genuinely grateful. And I don’t expect thanks because I’m providing a service, not doing them a favour. But when I do get a thank you, it’s always nice. Probably the greatest compliment though is when clients want to spend time with me outside of work. I think that speaks volumes about the relationships I build here.”