Exploration & Production clients. 


Management Accounts. Financial Reporting. Audit Support. Year End Accounts. Systems Implementation. 




Angharad Jenner is a Manager in our Virtual Finance Function (VFF) team. 

Angharad has over a decade of experience working in the energy sector, working within E&P and oilfield services companies internationally and domestically in a range of finance roles.  

Within her role in the VFF team, Angharad supports energy sector clients with financial reporting, management and year end accounts and systems implementation to allow the VFF team to work alongside their business.  


“The nature of VFF means that I am partnered with a business, working alongside them but with a fresh pair of eyes. This allows me to review current operations and how tech solutions can improve their processes. 

People are sometimes unsure how a virtual third-party team could be so committed to their businesses compared to an in-house team, and I think this can also tie into the perception that accountants are backwards-looking. However, the right financial advisor interprets that data to see where you are heading, where things can flourish and where things need improved. That is what I am all about. 

I operate as if I am part of their business and look for client relationships based on mutual respect and motivation. I’ll challenge my clients on what to improve, and I challenge myself to be the best version of me; providing clear and prompt communication, openness and candour.” 


“It doesn’t matter where in the world our clients are, or how they are set up and operating, as we harness a variety of tech solutions to deliver our service. This makes us really scalable and adaptable to client needs.  

I still remember at the start of my career you would need to go into the office to download your email! Technology has transformed the world and our profession. Cloud based solutions have been around for a while, but VFF takes it that one step further in allowing us to integrate our knowledge and experience to become part of our client’s team.  


“After a decade in industry and in house teams, it’s been a joy to return to a practice team and experience such a variety of work.  

I’m delighted to be back in practice and my current role fulfils so many needs I have in this point in my career – to do challenging, value added work, whilst balancing the needs of my young family. It’s also great knowing that there is a wider team with some very specialist knowledge that I can draw on; I no longer feel that I am on own and need to have all the answers at all times. 

I can see myself growing at AAB – after a decade of moving both personally and professionally, I feel like I have come home. 

I’m really enjoying working internally with a variety of people, especially those that are early on in their career. The VFF team is bursting with energy and opportunity – I can only see it growing, and I’m excited to see what the future brings. I think I’ll look back in 5 years time and be astounded by how far we’ve come.”