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International Audit

Audit becomes more complicated when international entities are involved. Using our global network, we coordinate audits in each country, collate reports and add value by providing insights that help you evaluate and enhance your business performance.  

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  • International Audit. Joint Venture Audit. Fraud Investigations. Whistleblowing Hotline.

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 Whether you are a UK-based company with a single subsidiary in another country or a multinational with several internationally-spread operations, having a presence abroad adds another layer of complexity to your audit. We eliminate complications by providing a seamless, accurate and timely audit service, with a single point of contact for clarity and convenience.  

Through our network of trusted global professionals we offer a harmonised international audit and assurance service, with all communications managed through AAB. For UK headquartered groups and UK entities within international groups, we ensure compliance with UK statutory requirements and adherence to the group auditor’s work scope, instructions and reporting deadlines.  

In addition, our wholly-owned joint venture audit team John Daly Associates specialises in Joint Venture Audits, Drilling Audits and Contractor/Vendor Audits for Upstream Oil and Gas clients worldwide. 


AI and associated tech tools are invaluable, but there’s no substitute for experienced interpretation. Our experts bring a wide array of appropriate skills and relevant knowledge. 

By getting under the skin of your organisation, we’ll ensure your regulatory compliance, help you gain a clearer understanding of your risks and potential, and make proactive suggestions for improving performance and sustaining your business. 

Organisations face increasing pressures and despite the best intentions, mistakes can be made. So, pre-empt them with your own checks. We offer anti-fraud solutions, a safe whistleblowing environment and of course, you can absolutely depend on our transparency, honesty and integrity.  


Your statutory external audit is just the baseline; we provide real value by drilling deep into your business, co-ordinating with our global network professionals to offer detailed and revealing insights into each of your international entities.  

Clear communication is essential in global audits, where many stakeholders, business cultures and languages can be involved. By utilising our network partners’ familiarity with business practices in their own jurisdiction, we ensure no stone is left unturned and all the required information is obtained. 

The comprehensive reports we produce reflect our painstaking fact-finding and produce an illuminating health check of your operations, diagnosing any areas of weaknesses, highlighting strengths and identifying potential for improvements. 


The more you grow worldwide, the greater the risks and your responsibility to shareholders and stakeholders. Our multi-route approach to internal auditing helps you plan effectively and meet financial, strategic and ESG targets more easily.  

We can provide all the services below, collectively or individually, across all your international operations or focusing on a specific country: 

  • Internal Audit Projects – identifying and addressing specific or emerging risks 
  • Co-sourced Internal Audit Services – we provide specialist expertise, you retain control  
  • Outsourced Internal Audit Services – organising a risk-based audit and reporting on your governance and controls  
  • Risk Management Services – helping you develop effective policies and procedures to mitigate and eliminate risk  
  • Contract Health Check – ensuring your key contracts operate or providing a pre-contract audit review 
  • Forensic Contract Audit – a detailed review of suppliers to ensure compliance 
  • Forensic Investigations – our experts check for fraud and help eliminate weak spots 


John F Daly Associates (JFDA) is an AAB company focused on oil and gas, with senior upstream finance professionals specialising in: 

  • Joint Venture Audit 
  • Contract/Vendor Audit 
  • Drilling Audit 
  • Completion Accounts 

JFDA will: 

  • Save you time by managing the entire Joint Venture/ Contract Audit process  
  • Help you make savings in your ventures 
  • Identify and report on risks and bring any issues to a conclusion 
  • Recover incorrectly charged costs and ensure appropriate corrections  
  • Advise you on best practice and industry benchmarks 
  • Help you escalate and resolve issues through the right channels at the right time. 
  • AAB proactively assisted in addressing any potential risk areas relating to Corporate Criminal Offence legislation in our business and ensured a successful solution was implemented in conjunction with our legal, tax and finance teams.

    Dave Aitken, Interwell

  • Commercially driven tax and financial advice provided by people who understand my business and who care about its success. A dedicated partner led team of real advisors with real commercial focus.

    Derek Smith, Maritime Developments Limited

  • We now have access to AAB’s online dashboard system which is providing the business with a real opportunity to identify cost and assist in the global mobility planning process. The solution implemented has been truly customised for us.

    Witland LeBlanc, Oceaneering

  • Working more closely with the team has been a real pleasure. They are open and straightforward, eager to understand our requirements and provide solutions to issues that arise. Overall it has been a refreshing experience!

    Karen Williamson, Apache Corporation

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