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  1. Blog10th Nov 2016

    Online Bookkeeping – a Platform for Collaboration

    In this environment of driving operational efficiencies, have you considered how effectively and efficiently your own finance function is operating, and how online bookkeeping software could help?

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  2. Blog5th Sep 2016

    7 Tips For Keeping Your Business Financially Resilient

    In good times, cash is king for businesses looking to invest for growth and keep financially resilient. As a result of the banking crisis a few years ago, many profitable businesses reduced their debt and built up cash reserves. Roll…

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  3. Blog27th Jul 2016

    Sitting down with a start up

    Here’s a checklist of issues accountants like to discuss with clients setting up in business for the first time.

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  4. Blog13th Jul 2016

    M&A Integration Business Planning

    It is often reported that the principal reason for merger & acquisition deal failure is attributed to not paying proper attention to the integration process before, during and after a transaction. This is a common theme across all business sectors…

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  5. Blog25th Aug 2014

    Twice the Tax Saving

    Pensions have always been regarded as one of the most tax efficient ways of extracting profits from a business, but many entrepreneurs have avoided going down this route because of the perceived lack of flexibility in accessing the money once…

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  6. Blog7th May 2014

    What are the issues that freelance contractors should be aware of?

    Freelance contracting is a common way of operating in the oil & gas and IT industry. But what are the issues that freelance contractors should be aware of? One of the benefits of operating as a limited company contractor is…

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  7. Blog14th Jun 2013

    I’m Thinking of Starting Up In Business – What Should I Consider?

    For those setting up in business, getting to grips with finances and making sure you stay compliant can be a real headache.

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