fundraising support

Estate develops nearly 5,000 houses with fundraising support

fundraising support

Case Study20th Oct 2021


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Our Client 

A trust that owned and operated a substantial mixed estate in the North East of Scotland looking to undertake a large-scale property development of nearly 5,000 houses and other related uses on part of the Trust land required fundraising support. 

Our Approach 

  • Fundraising support for planning fees over the course of the development planning phase 
  • Strategic planning advice and assistance with negotiations on commercial deals 
  • Established banking and other loan facilities, AAB set up monitoring systems to monitor and record infrastructure and other expenditure 
  • Acted as financial and commercial advisors in order to secure the infrastructure funding deal 
  • Worked alongside other advisors to provide relevant and accurate advice 
  • Provided a gateway to brokers to facilitate bond deals for construction work 
  • Optimised the structure of house builder deals to minimise the potential Capital Gains Tax impact 
  • Handled the outsourced accounting of the transactions incurred by the development and all accounting regulatory requirements 
  • Provided frequent long- and short-term scenario forecasts, cashflow planning reports and advice

The Outcome 

  • The Trust had access to advice from all of our teams, with AAB’s expertise channelled into the specifics of the project 
  • Significant cost and tax savings through practical budgeting, management and tax advice allowing the Trust to manage its own tax affairs effectively 
  • Delayed tax payments due to efficient structuring of deals 
  • Comfort through implementation of excellent financial control systems, coupled with proactive advice designed to maximum future financial performance 
  • Value added input via full integration and constant support of AAB team members in the development team 

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