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Tech is at the forefront of everything we do Steven Fraser, Partner and Tech Hub Lead


As a tech-enabled business critical services group we recognise the value of technology and look to harness that value for our teams and for our clients. It’s all about enhancing the user experience whether that’s internal or external.

Our dedicated tech hub is responsible for leading technological transformations across the AAB Group. This hub brings together team members from across all divisions and all locations of our business, and is supported by our IT services provider, T-Tech.


Across our UK and Irish offices, we recognise that to provide clients with the best service, we need to invest in the right tech, and IT transformation is a fundamental part of our strategy. Every project is developed with client and team experience at the heart of every decision.

Our approach to tech is focused on enhancing our capabilities, embracing change and future proofing the AAB group. But what does that actually mean?

For our clients we:

  • Integrate and consolidate data, streamline processes and provide meaningful management information – with an overall aim of improving efficiency and achieving better insights
  • Utilise leading-edge dashboard technology – bringing visibility to business-critical information securely, on demand and in real time
  • Save time by identifying ways we can integrate existing systems – with a focus on minimising (or removing) the need for manual inputs and potential for errors
  • Use data is a strategic business asset – giving clients access to key performance indicators and presenting this data in a clear, concise and relevant manner through online dashboards, reports and notifications.

For our teams we:

  • Continuously develop our ability to “plug and play” across all locations – supporting team and client collaboration
  • Work closely with each business unit to identify the key areas for development – and implement ways to streamline our processes
  • Develop new ways to introduce automation – saving team members time so they can focus on client service delivery
  • Manage a rolling programme of refreshing our assets – so that our teams are always supplied with the best tech.

Our dedicated tech hub team will continue to support the growth of our group, by building on the success to date, keeping ahead of trends and tech developments, working with our clients and teams to develop projects to support them. Our tech hub are also a key team when we integrate other businesses, and they oversee the change management requirements that come with this growth.