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AAB LIFE18th Feb 2022

For 30 years, we’ve welcomed apprentices into our various teams, giving school and college leavers the chance to kickstart their career and make a difference. We are passionate about the value and opportunity that apprenticeships offer, and are keen to celebrate the unique benefits they offer.

We’re currently recruiting for our 2022 Apprenticeship programme until 1 March 2022, so we thought it would be good to catch up with a few of our Apprentices at AAB, to find out more about what attracted them to the programme and how they are settling into their roles within the team. Keep reading to find out more about Matthew who works in our Payroll & Employment Taxes team, and Shania and Nick who work in our Business Advisory Group.


What attracted you to an apprenticeship at AAB?

Matthew: I was mainly attracted to the apprenticeship at AAB as it is an ever-growing and forward-thinking firm within the accounting and business advisory sector. After leaving school I went to college and university without really considering the option of working and earning full-time. Having done both, I would definitely say that the modern apprenticeship route has been better for me.

Shania: Although there are other accountancy apprenticeships out there, AAB really stood out to me. They want to get to know people on a personal level, bringing out their qualities rather than only focusing on qualifications. I knew this opportunity would come with great support for me to continuously develop throughout my career. AAB is also a very sociable firm which I knew would right up my street, and the thought of having a fun, sociable side to work was great.

Nick: I was attracted to the AAB apprenticeship because of its focus on personal development. Joining a fast growing team within AAB but still feeling supported individually was something that really stood out for me and appeared unique compared to other companies in the industry. Joining a firm with a strong ethos and culture promoting teamwork was important.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at AAB?

Matthew: So far, I have enjoyed being able to be part of a friendly but driven team. You are expected to work hard as the work environment is a fast one, you never know what you’re going to be doing on a given day. This is what gives me the most enjoyment though, it’s a very dynamic place to work so you rarely get bored, and if you are interested in accounting it is definitely an exciting place to work. Everyone is welcoming and easy to get on with and it’s a really fun workplace to be a part of, we get lots of opportunities to socialise at work and at social events.

Shania: When I look back to when I first started with AAB three months ago, coming in with no experience, I would never have thought in such a short period of time I would know what I do today. I have really enjoyed building my knowledge and being part of a great team.

Nick: I’ve really enjoyed being able to come into the office and meet all the different personalities at the firm. Being able to learn and do jobs for my colleagues across all levels has been enjoyable as everyone brings something different to the table and you can find yourself working for a range of different clients day-to-day.


What are you looking forward to in your future at AAB?

Matthew: I’m hoping to start working towards qualifications from the start of 2022, offering me the chance to study for professional qualifications that attracted me to the job in the first place. Past that, I can see myself working here for a long time, so the fact that a clear career progression is offered, even from the apprenticeship stage, is something to look forward to when working at AAB.

Shania: I am excited about continuing to develop and grow with AAB and can’t wait to start my professional qualifications to (hopefully) become a chartered accountant. I look forward to the challenges along the way to achieving this qualification!

Nick: I am really looking forward to being given more responsibility as my experience and skills develop. With this comes the opportunity to really engage and communicate with clients in meetings, which is a huge aspect of the job I am excited about. Through this I can develop my professional skillset as my career progresses.

You can find out more about our Apprenticeship Programme and how to apply here.

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