Jonathan Leiper

Jonathan Leiper

Software and Systems Senior Manager


Systems & Software


Engineering, Oilfield Services, Professional Services, Public Sector & Not For Profit, Technology



Jonathan has been with the firm for over 20 years, initially specialising in the field of ERP/finance software implementation.

In his current role, he manages AAB’s tech team that develop system integrations and automations to support our outsourced payroll and global mobility services. This involves building interfaces to push & pull data from client systems, validation and workflow automation, and developing tailored reporting outputs & dashboard visualisations.

Areas of Expertise: Finance/Payroll Systems, Data Modelling, Report Design, Business Intelligence, Process Automation.

Work Highlight: It has been enormously rewarding to work closely with colleagues and clients on projects, then see the genuine impact & benefits they deliver in terms of reporting improvements and time & effort saved.

Favourite Film(s): “Ran”, Kurosawa’s crowning achievement, transplanting King Lear to medieval Japan with stunning visuals and a profoundly human story. And “Elf”, the best Christmas movie ever made - a bullet-proof, warm-hearted masterpiece that never fails to make me laugh.