Duncan Raggett

Duncan Raggett

Insolvency Practitioner


Restructuring & Recovery



Duncan is an appointment taking IP, leading the Restructuring and Recovery (R2) across Scotland, who has significant experience across a diverse portfolio of corporate and personal cases.

Duncan works with clients to provide the most appropriate solution to their specific circumstances and needs, with the goal of maximising recoveries and securing the best possible outcome to creditors and all other stakeholders.

Areas of Expertise: Restructuring, Corporate Insolvency, Personal Insolvency, Members’ Voluntary Liquidations & Debt Recovery.

Work Highlight:Becoming head of R2 and taking insolvency appointments in January 2020 is a definite career highlight and I am relishing the chance to lead and grow the team in both Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

Favourite Hobby: For reasons unknown, a few years ago, I set myself the task of reading all the Booker Prize winners in order from 1969 onwards.  There are some very large books included but I am making good progress and am currently up to 2007.