Proactive Steps You Should be Taking

Respond, Review, Restart, Repeat.

A video series from AAB featuring top tips on planning, operating and continuously adapting in the next normal and beyond. 

The purpose of this series is to not only offer support and guidance but to try and help others by sharing our learnings through real examples and advice of how we have been adapting at AAB.

Video Six: 'Respond, Review, Restart, Repeat' Roundup from Lyn Calder

Video Five: Reframing Work from Lesley Fordyce


Video Four: Looking After Your Team from Graeme Allan


Video Three: Costs and Budgeting from Lyn Calder


Video Two: Plan Ahead Teams from Derek Mitchell


Video One: An Introduction to the Series from Graeme Allan


In the coming weeks we will share more updates from different members of the AAB team on topics including data, key performance indicators, scenario planning, budgeting and reforecasting as well as communication and looking after your teams. 


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