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Investing in accounting software, with the hardware and people to run it, is not always cost effective. Using AAB’s cloud account or virtual finance function service means you can save your money and get better and easier control of your finances.

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Our bespoke solutions offer better visibility of your accounting data, easier sharing amongst authorised individuals, greater accuracy and the ability to reduce costs. 

We offer two services. Cloud accounting software hosts and processes your accounting data in the cloud, providing up to date information that’s easy to access securely online. Our Virtual Finance Function goes further, adding the expert support of our financial specialists to offer a complete and bespoke virtual service. 

Both offer significant benefits over traditional in-house accounting. Which one is best for you? Read on to find out. 


It can seem a good idea to keep all your accounting in-house. Your team obviously knows your business, you’ve chosen your accounting software and you feel your data is secure. But how well does this arrangement actually work for you? 

Inputting data is time-consuming and error-prone, and it’s difficult to share the information and keep everyone up to date if you have to transfer financial data via flash drives, which also make it vulnerable. Your team and the hardware required to handle all your accounting data (plus the associated maintenance) are a substantial expense. When your software and licences need updating or renewing, that’s another distraction and more outlay.  

This is when managing your finances virtually looks much more logical. 


Cloud accounting software and data processing are hosted in the cloud, making the information accessible to anyone that’s authorised to see it. Sharing is instantly easier; you can all access the same, real-time data anywhere there’s an internet connection, so decision-making is simpler and faster. 

The information is more accurate too, as there’s minimal manual entry. In fact, it can be virtually eliminated, with transactions and balances entered automatically. Security is improved too; your data is encrypted and password protected, and there’s no longer a need to transfer it via risky flash drives.  


Most cloud accounting software is subscription-based with automatic updates; there’s no need to worry about licences or manual updating. Nor do you need all the personnel, infrastructure and maintenance required for in-house software and processing, so your overheads are considerably reduced. 

We’ve introduced many clients to the benefits of cloud accounting and, based on our knowledge of what you need, we’ll use our experience to recommend the software and apps that best suit your business. We’ll also make sure you’re properly set up and ready to make full use of all the features available to you. To find out more visit our dedicated cloud accounting page. 


If all this sounds appealing, consider the further benefits of our VFF (Virtual Finance Function). It offers all the advantages of cloud accounting, with the addition of our specialists to provide financial services support. 

This bespoke service adapts to the level of support you want and is easily flexed to fit with your business journey. You don’t need to recruit skilled specialists to manage your company’s finances; our experts are available whenever you need them, providing not only dependable information but also valuable, transformational advice.  

There’s no more worrying about tax deadlines and compliance; we manage it for you, conscientiously and cost-effectively – while you concentrate on running your business. To find out more, visit our dedicated Virtual Finance Function page. 

  • "VFF provides us with excellent day to day financial support and efficient/informative month end reporting; it also assisted the move to a cloud-based accounting software. Allowing us to focus on developing the organisation’s long term strategy"

    David Mackay, SCARF

  • For me, business is all about relationships, and the quality of what the team at AAB do to support us is a fundamental lever for us as we strive to meet the challenges and succeed as a group through and beyond challenging times.

    John Walsh, Online Electronics Limited

  • I was particularly impressed by AAB’s appreciation of the strategic importance of the deal. Additionally, the AAB team quickly understood the very complex structure of the target and were pivotal in advising on how best to approach this.

    Ross Baxter, Harbro Limited

  • Working more closely with the team has been a real pleasure. They are open and straightforward, eager to understand our requirements and provide solutions to issues that arise. Overall it has been a refreshing experience!

    Karen Williamson, Apache Corporation

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