VAT and Customs Duty Enquiries

Receiving notification from HMRC that they propose to undertake an enquiry can be a stressful matter for businesses. At AAB our aim is to remove that strain and ensure that the matter is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whether it is a VAT enquiry or a Trade and Customs Compliance review, our indirect tax team have extensive experience of supporting our clients through this process.

Our team includes ex-HMRC Officers with years of experience. This allows us to explain not only what to expect during the enquiry, but also why it has arisen. Whether you have received an request for a full on-site VAT inspection, or a more targeted enquiry focussing on one area or period, our specialists can help you collate the information needed to respond to HMRC. This will include a review of the information to identify any issues and whether it is necessary to make any disclosures to HMRC. Using our understanding of HMRC’s internal processes, where possible, we will ensure that any disclosure is made in such a way as to eliminate or mitigate any interest and penalties HMRC may look to levy.

Our support can cover assisting with:

  • Preparation for HMRC’s visit;
  • Attendance on the day to manage any interaction with the Officer; and
  • Handling all pre and post-visit communications and actions required to bring the enquiry to an early conclusion; including preparing or reviewing any calculations necessary to quantify any tax liability and negotiating penalty and interest charges.

If, following the interaction with HMRC, you receive a challenge or unfavourable decision from HMRC on VAT, Customs Duty or any other indirect tax, we can help you with our practical and commercial approach to settling disputes.

If you have not had a visit or enquiry from HMRC for a number of years, or if there have been significant changes to the staffing or operation of your business; you may wish the peace of mind granted by our VAT Health Check. Designed to address the areas covered by HMRC on visits and more, our Health Check can provide assurance that your current processes and controls are robust or, where necessary, pre-empt issues where they arise.

What Our Clients Say

International Private Client

“I am pleased to copy you a Statement of Account I received today from HMRC relative to the final settlement of the Disclosure. Like I said when we last spoke, I…