Facilities Management : Case Study 2


A local headquartered business providing building and facilities maintenance and related services to public sector and private clients throughout Scotland. Due to limited personnel in their finance team they have required a number of services over the years.

Our Approach

  • Understood client’s aspirations
  • Assisted with acquisition of subsidiaries including due diligence, fund raising and projections and accounting assistance
  • Capital allowance claim on new building to ensure maximum claim was made
  • Share valuation and related employment tax advic
  • VAT advice on property transactions

The Benefits to the Client

  • Client could focus on operational matters knowing that we had complex matters covered
  • Tax efficient deal structure and appropriate funding identified
  • Provided advice that allowed client to make informed decision
  • Assurance that experts were assisting in areas the client had limited knowledge in

The Plus Factor in Action

  • We helped our client make money by ensuring that claims for capital allowances were maximized to limit tax payable
  • We saved our client time by providing support throughout various transactions including independent due diligence, allowed the management team to focus on the day to day operational matters facing the business
  • We gave our client peace of mind through our robust audit and tax compliance process and guidance on areas such as VAT and employment tax gave assurance that legislation was complied with and no surprise liabilities would arise
  • We supported our client now and in the future through having provided audit and corporate tax services for several years we have gained the knowledge and history of the business that gives management the confidence that we can give informed advice in the future
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