Facilities Management : Case Study 1


The Corporate Finance team had been working closely with a client in the FM sector for several years in identifying and executing acquisitions to grow and diversify the group. AAB identified a business being marketed for sale that would be transformational for the existing group and delivered the deal to raise the funding and complete the accusation despite some significant challenges.

Our Approach

  • AAB corporate finance identified the potential target by actively monitoring businesses coming to market in the FM sector
  • We identified and introduced alternative funders from our network when the client’s existing banks did not support the transaction
  • The corporate finance team project managed the complex transaction to successful completion in a short timeframe by working closely with key stakeholders

The Benefits to the Client

  • We identified the opportunity to diversify the group’s service lines and increase geographic coverage
  • AAB were focused on delivering the deal even when existing funders were not supportive
  • The corporate finance team were commercial in our approach, focusing our support on where it mattered most

The Plus Factor in Action

  • We helped our client make money as the acquisition resulted in more than doubling the annual earnings of the group
  • We saved our client time as during the due diligence process in particular with our existing knowledge of their business
  • We gave our client peace of mind as our experience in delivering complex deals is second to none and our client was able to focus on continuing to run and grow their business
  • We supported our client now and in the future as following the successful completion, AAB contributed to the future group strategy and identified acquisition priorities with the client’s board and continue to present relevant opportunities