Construction & Property: Case Study 5


A local corporate property developer was approached to sell a building that had been constructed on land the company owned to a commercial real estate fund. The company shareholders wished to progress with the sale and contacted us for advice on the tax implications of this asset sale.

Our Approach

  • Time was invested to determine the objectives of shareholder
  • The proposed structure of the deal was reviewed and more efficient alternatives considered
  • The tax implications of the proposed transaction were confirmed
  • A more efficient deal structure to mitigate tax was advised on
  • The revised deal structure was proposed and agreed with the Purchasers
  • AAB wealth were introduced to our clients to allow more objectives of the shareholders to be achieved

The Benefits to the Client

  • The investment in understanding our client’s objectives allowed us to deliver a revised structure which better achieved their objectives
  • Significantly reduced tax liabilities from the transaction
  • Increased net revenue for shareholders
  • Introduction and liaison with wealth advisory allowed shareholders to maximise the value created for them and their family from the transaction
  • For some shareholders, we determined a strategy to harness tax reliefs to allow greater funds to be available for investing in their next commercial venture

The Plus Factor in Action

  • We helped our client make money by revising the transaction we reduced the tax liability by > 33%, increasing the after tax cash received by each shareholder
  • We saved our client time by taking care of the tax implications of the transaction leaving them able to have increased focus on other commercial matters
  • We gave our client peace of mind through our knowledge and experience in providing transactional tax advice provided confidence that all tax risks were being taken care of
  • We supported them now and in the future by introducing AAB Wealth to our clients early enough, and working with wealth advisers throughout the transaction, we succeeded in maximising family wealth planning as a part of the transaction and put in place a structure to facilitate our client’s future wealth management.