Our team has experience of providing a range of services to higher education institutions, further education institutions and private providers, such as independent colleges.

Our experts ensure that boards are given piece of mind knowing that financial information is robust and timely, they are compliant with laws and regulations and processes are efficient. We form multi-disciplinary teams to deliver tailored support to our clients.

Key services include:

  • Accounting Services - transforming financial reporting and the provision of Virtual Finance Functions to facilitate efficient processes and real time information.
  • Audit and Assurance – providing value adding external audits and internal audits, helping our clients to improve processes.
  • Taxation - ensuring organisations meet their compliance responsibilities and minimise their tax bill across VAT, payroll and corporate taxes.
  • Governance - helping boards to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of governance arrangements.
  • Training - providing specialist courses to ensure that our clients have the expertise necessary to keep up to date with sector changes, address challenges and plan for the future.
  • Integrated Employment Solutions – providing payroll, employment taxes and benefits services to support compliance, employee incentives and efficiency in internal processes.

Key Contact

Andy Shaw
Partner, Audit 
+44 1224 625111