Industrial: Case Study 1


Time and materials business looking for an improved cost management system. This engineering project management business is looking to improve its cost management system by finding solutions to the poor visibility on performance by job, staff performance and utilisation. Improvements are sought in the preparation of timesheets that are currently prepared on excel with recurring errors occurring on time allocated to incorrect clients. Job related costs are often not recharged in error and a solution to this is also sought.

Our Approach

  • Workshop with management and finance team to understand current processes and objectives
  • Software driven approach to collate staff, client and job data to improve job management
  • Provided real-time visibility of job and staff performance

The Benefits to the Client

  • Introduced online cloud based job management software which:
    • Captures potential leads, converts leads into quotes for client acceptance and converts accepted quotes into jobs
    • Allows employees to input timesheets online and allocate their time to specific jobs
    • Allocates purchase orders raised and purchase invoices received to specific jobs
    • Allows invoices to be raised to clients automatically from job data
    • Integrates with cloud based bookkeeping software avoiding duplication of effort
    • Enables outstanding invoices to be monitored in real time
    • Enables purchase orders for general overhead expenditure to be raised and sent online
    • Makes it easy to calculate the value of work-in-progress
  • Set up dedicated e-mail address for suppliers to send electronic purchase invoices – linked to cloud based bookkeeping software
  • Provided an outsourced payroll service including online payslips
  • Provided a collaborative outsourced accounting service using cloud based software providing real time online access to financial data, including monthly management reports, for management team and directors

The Plus Factor in Action

  • We helped our client make money by allowing them to produce accurate job performance data enabling them to maximise staff utilisation and maximise profit on specific jobs
  • We saved our client time by reducing the amount of staff time being spent on manual timesheet entry and month-end work in progress calculations
  • We gave our client peace of mind by giving them real-time visibility of their finances
  • We supported them now and in the future by providing a solution capable of supporting their current operations but also scalable to support future growth