Leisure, Retail & Hospitality: Case Study 6


UK Motor retail group operating a nationwide chain of franchised motor dealerships offering sale, servicing, parts and body-shop facilities for new and used car and commercial vehicles.

Our Approach

  • Implement an effective whistleblowing process as per FCA guidelines
  • Support our client’s employees through the process of reporting their concerns, ensuring where possible contact is maintained with the whistleblower from investigation through to resolution
  • Provide the client with instant escalation of alerts received allowing the company to quickly take action
  • Provide Regular management information reports providing whistleblowing trend analysis

The Benefits to the Client

  • Adherence to FCA regulation for whistleblowing
  • Complete confidentiality for all staff to encourage employees to speak up when they become aware of a wrong doing
  • Training for all staff on whistleblowing, fraud and bribery to encourage all staff to speak up when they become aware of unethical behaviour

The Plus Factor in Action

  • We helped our client make money by providing a further deterrent against fraud, financial misconduct and bribery
  • We saved our client time by delivering an effective, flexible and convenient process to allow their employees to raise concerns
  • We gave our client peace of mind by ensuring the service complies with relevant whistleblowing and FCA legislation
  • We supported them now and in the future by keeping them informed of any changes in whistleblowing legislation which may be relevant