Leisure, Retail & Hospitality: Case Study 5


Within the hospitality sector, a football club with multiple revenue streams (hospitality, catering, functions, bar takings, gate receipts and kiosks) were still reliant on the manual recording of revenue and paper. Management had no visibility of, or access to, day to day financial information and were heavily reliant on bookkeeping staff. Challenges included that management accounts were always late, paper timesheets were still being used for staff and the club were using outdated, expensive and not fit-for-purpose bookkeeping software.

Our Approach

  • Workshop with management and finance team to understand current processes and objectives
  • Practical approach to find cost effective solutions
  • Software driven approach to automate financial data capture
  • Consider impact on front of house staff of implementing new software and procedures

The Benefits to the Client

  • Introduced front of house Electronic Point of Sale (“EPOS”) tills which integrate with cloud based bookkeeping software
  • Swipe in cards for staff capturing payroll data
  • Staff training on EPOS tills
  • Set up dedicated e-mail address for suppliers to send electronic purchase invoices – linked to cloud based bookkeeping software
  • Online sales and stock reporting
  • Online automated purchase orders for re-ordering low level stock
  • Online purchase orders for general overhead expenditure
  • Provided an outsourced payroll service including online payslips
  • Provided an outsourced accounting service using cloud based software providing real time online access to financial data, including monthly management reports, for management team and directors

The Plus Factor in Action

  • We helped our client make money by reducing the costs associated with employing an in-house finance team
  • We saved our client time by reducing the amount of time being spent on day to day bookkeeping
  • We gave our client peace of mind by taking away all the compliance burden and giving them real-time visibility of their finances
  • We supported them now and in the future by providing low cost front of house software solution capable of supporting their current operations but also scalable to support future growth