Leisure, Retail & Hospitality: Case Study 4


Business providing transport services to public and corporate clients with small in-house finance team required support to deal with changes around pension regulations whilst at same time needing to obtain additional finance during temporary reduction in trading arising from decline in local economy.

Our Approach

  • Provided a breadth of services
  • Simplified process to address regulatory changes
  • Supported discussions with finance companies
  • Prepared cash flow projections
  • Management reports to meet finance companies ongoing requirements

The Benefits to the Client

  • Could rely on our expertise to comply with new legislation
  • Management team could focus on operational matters
  • Funding requirements highlighted in projections
  • Introduce lenders not known to client
  • Management reports that are useful for making decisions

The Plus Factor in Action

  • We helped our client make money by ensuring that interest rates proposed by finance companies was appropriate given comparable rates on offer elsewhere
  • We saved our client time by providing an outsourced pension management service the client was saved time by not having to research the full requirements of new legislation
  • We gave our client peace of mind by giving assurance that pension provider selected was suitable for the needs of their employees
  • We supported our client now and in future by working with the client for over 15 years we understood the business model which gave our client confidence in our ability to deliver