Leisure, Retail & Hospitality: Case Study 2


A local retailer looking to expand their market coverage by opening new branches through acquisition then subsequently developing the facilities to increase their service offering.

Our Approach

  • Assisted with financial projections for bank funding
  • Advised on appropriate deal structure
  • Considered tax position of seller
  • Identified areas where investment could be more tax efficient
  • Practical guidance on benefits of expansion

The Benefits to the Client

  • Support on areas where they didn’t have expertise internally
  • Potential tax issues identified
  • Allowed client to focus on commercial aspects of the investment
  • Guidance on best form of capital expenditure

The Plus Factor in Action

  • We helped our client make money by advising on the type of capital expenditure that would give best tax allowances
  • We saved our client time by providing support through the acquisition process our clients limited resources could focus on their day job
  • We gave our client peace of mind by providing support with due diligence and review of legal agreements we could highlight any risks that existed and give client ability to make decisions that gave peace of mind
  • We supported our client now and in future by providing audit and corporate tax services for several years the client had confidence that we could support them as they looked to grow their business