Leisure, Retail & Hospitality: Case Study 1


A local retailer running a profitable business but under pressure to regularly invest in improving facilities whilst national businesses competing for place in the local market. Owners decided to sell business to national retailer.

Our Approach

  • Understood client's aspirations
  • Supported delivery of information to purchaser
  • Reviewed deal structure
  • Considered tax implications of deal

The Benefits to the Client

  • Support provided so not using internal resource
  • Tax efficient deal structure identified
  • Allowed client to make informed decisions
  • Complex matters dealt with by our experts

The Plus Factor in Action

  • We helped our client make money by assisting the owners to structure the deal in a manner that was tax efficient
  • We saved our client time by providing support through the disposal process in responding to buyers queries our client was given time to continue to focus running the business whilst the deal was ongoing
  • We gave our client peace of mind through our robust audit and tax compliance process meant that come the time of disposal the due diligence went smoothly
  • We supported our client now and in future by providing audit and corporate tax services for several years we were delighted to continue to support the client post disposal with private client and wealth management services