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At AAB we have experience of supporting companies operating in the leisure, retail and hospitality sectors. Our understanding of the issues and risks facing companies in these sectors makes us well placed to provide valuable advice to our clients.

This sector can cover many different areas and we have the broad knowledge with clients operating across all spectrums whether it be small retail shops, multi-branch retail businesses, hotels, entertainment venues and chains of pubs and restaurants. By maintaining awareness of the changing market trends and issues affecting companies we can react with advice to support client make decisions about their business.

Our support services can go beyond the audit and tax compliance process and can come in several forms including implementing time recording systems to make payroll processes efficient, assisting with financial projections for businesses seeking funding and reviewing tax allowances to ensure maximizing reliefs available as facilities refurbished.

Case Studies


A local retailer running a profitable business but under pressure to regularly invest in improving facilities whilst national businesses competing for place in the local market. Owners decided to sell business to national retailer.


A local retailer looking to expand their market coverage by opening new branches through acquisition then subsequently developing the facilities to increase their service offering.


An entertainment venue with limited resource in their finance team spending significant time on weekly payroll for up to 250 weekly paid employees.


Business providing transport services to public and corporate clients with small in-house finance team required support to deal with changes around pension regulations whilst at same time needing to obtain additional finance during temporary reduction in trading arising from decline in local economy.


Within the hospitality sector, a football club with multiple revenue streams (hospitality, catering, functions, bar takings, gate receipts and kiosks) were still reliant on the manual recording of revenue and paper. Management had no visibility of, or access to, day to day financial information and were heavily reliant on bookkeeping staff. Challenges included that management accounts were always late, paper timesheets were still being used for staff and the club were using outdated, expensive and not fit-for-purpose bookkeeping software.


UK Motor retail group operating a nationwide chain of franchised motor dealerships offering sale, servicing, parts and body-shop facilities for new and used car and commercial vehicles.

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