Fishing: Case Study 1


Successful UK based owner managed aquaculture business which has experienced significant growth and expansion of its fleet of vessels, geographical reach and service offering.

Our Approach

  • Discussions with our client to identify their key objectives together with the quantum and timing of the proposed funding requirement
  • Preparation of integrated financial projection models
  • Advise client in relation to the fundraising process
  • Assist in on going annual forecasting process including population of accounting system with financial projections model

The Benefits to The Client

  • Obtain growth capital funds to facilitate the purchase of additional vessels to the fleet to enable future expansion
  • Refinance existing debt into a single monthly repayment to ease working capital burden
  • Provide client with ability to actively monitor monthly performance and cashflows against budget

The Plus Factor in Action

  • We helped our client make money by reducing monthly debt and interest repayments
  • We gave our client peace of mind by producing integrated financial models with sufficient detail and supporting assumptions to satisfy the funding providers
  • We saved our client time by producing integrated financial models within the timetable set by the funding providers
  • We supported them now and in the future by continuing support following transaction including populating their existing accounting system with the financial projections model