Corporates, housing associations, charities and other not for profit organisations. Charity objectives include children & families, disability, environmental, grant giving, arts and education.


Compliance with and understanding of statutory reporting responsibilities, reporting in a clear and concise way and improving controls and processes to promote efficient and effective accounting systems.


Construction, engineering, charity and housing association sectors and working closely with our tax, VAT and business advisory teams.

‘’Building strong working relationships.”

Based in our Glasgow office, Tony Sinclair is an Audit Partner with responsibility for a wide range of commercial and not for profit organisations. Tony specialises in the charity and housing association sectors. He oversees the quality of our work to ensure we deliver a fully compliant process and advises on ethical matters so that audit independence and other standards are followed.

Tony ensures that audit reporting and advice given is practical and easily followed by understanding and adapting to our clients’ needs. He has an in-depth knowledge of his clients’ sectors, which means they can use him as a sounding board to discuss issues, share ideas and help shape policies and procedures. Above all, Tony helps clients achieve their objectives and maintain strong financial management.

An important part of his role is to mentor our audit teams to develop their skills and experience, providing them with invaluable support, so they continue to provide excellent client service.

In recent years Tony has held a number of external charity appointments that gives him a different perspective to his role and is currently a Trustee of a large children’s charity.

Embracing technology for a hybrid approach

“I’m excited for the greater use of technology to deliver services to our clients and to systemise processes and improve efficiency. With advances in technology there are growing opportunities to work more efficiently and effectively with a mix of virtual and face-to-face interaction. Personally, I enjoy face-to-face working as this ‘hands-on’ approach helps to build client relationships more effectively.”

Communication is key

“Clients can expect from me and my team a quality audit service, delivery to agreed timescales, strong communication with a strong working relationship and sound advice tailored to their organisation and needs.

Our focus must always be on delivering excellent service that exceeds clients’ expectations, and we are dedicated to achieve this and work hard to deliver a quality product. Communication is key to ensure clients are well informed of progress to ensure timetables are met and there are no surprises.”

Greatest strengths

“I bring to AAB over 30 years audit and compliance experience and knowledge, and my strong people skills, reliability, and equable personality enable me to cultivate strong and lasting client relationships.”

Excited for the future

“Seeing the continued growth of the AAB Group excites me for the future, and I am delighted to be part of it. I look forward to providing more opportunities working with the wider AAB Group to attract quality clients and talent to join the team”

How we counter the challenges in the charity sector

“The greatest challenges in the charity sector are sustainable funding, recruitment and retention and governance including going concern . Since the pandemic and during the current economic environment funding in the charity sector has come under significant pressure with many funders looking to reduce their support whilst the cost to attract and retain staff are increasing each year.

We assist by advising on diversification and other income sources, cost control measures,  governance systems review and processes and training to Trustees, and challenge forecasts and budgets as part of going concern assessments.

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