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“A Trusted Advisor In Every Aspect.”

Tanya Johnston is a Senior Manager within the Audit and Accounts team. Based in the Newry office, Tanya’s day-to-day role involves providing a wide variety of clients with statutory accounts preparation and external audit compliance services as well as accountancy advice, whilst ensuring all statutory regulations are met.

Open two-way communication

“Building strong genuine relationships with clients is essential so that open two-way communication can take place. It’s important to be the client’s trusted advisor in every aspect so that the relationship can thrive. I enjoy getting to know a client on a deeper level such as finding out about their interest/hobbies and getting to know their family so that a genuine connection can be made, not just professionally but on a personal level too.

There’s no greater satisfaction than when you genuinely make a difference and impact decisions. It’s rewarding to be able to help and assist a client to achieve their objectives and taking some of the pain from them.”

The ‘hands-on’ approach

“Communication, no matter what form, is key in developing strong trusting relationships. Technological advances allow us to communicate more readily with clients irrespective of the geographical locations of the participants. However, where possible, I believe a ‘hands-on’ approach is far more productive and is much more personable than virtual, especially when completing audit assignments. Clients appreciate you coming out to their businesses onsite as it allows you to see first-hand how the business operates which I feel is essential for any audit assignment. You also get the advantage of meeting the client’s employees which further contributes to building that client relationship.”

The ever-changing audit standards

“The greatest challenge within audit is the constant refreshing of auditing standards. Therefore it’s vital that we continually keep ourselves up to date to ensure our audit work reflects these changes. These updates can be a challenge as they often lead to increased testing and documentation, meaning we have to modify our audit approach to be as efficient as possible while also communicating these changes to clients in a proactive way so that everybody is on the same page. It’s important that clients are brought along with these changes to minimise any impact.”

My greatest strengths

“I’d say my greatest strength is my attention to detail. I always aim to provide reliable and trustworthy advice and deliver services in a timely manner, going above and beyond to exceed their expectations.

During my time as an accountant, I’ve built strong client relationships with a vast array of individuals. One of the greatest compliments I’ve received is when they say to never leave them. It’s great to see positive feedback like this as it shows that the work I provide has made a real difference and that I’ve developed a meaningful relationship with the client.”

Breaking away from the stereotype

“There is a common misconception that we’re out to ridicule client work by trying to find mistakes and errors, which is really not what audit is all about. Because of this, new clients can sometimes feel anxious about the audit process. At FPM, we find it really important to help clients to overcome these fears so that we can build a strong, trusting two-way relationship, allowing us to add value, give the client assurance that they are meeting all their compliance requirements, and help them to achieve their dreams.”

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