Family businesses. Owner-managed businesses. High-growth entrepreneurial businesses. Large corporate groups.


I take the time to listen to and understand the issues facing my clients, in order to identify and deliver holistic commercial tax solutions.


Construction & Property. Industrial & Technology. Food & Drink. Leisure, Retail & Hospitality.

“I love getting the opportunity to help CLIENTS resolve their problems & avoid future problems.”

Robert Barrie is a Director within our Corporate Tax team, specialising in tax advisory, transactional work and capital allowances.

Robert works hard to identify opportunities, deliver solutions, and help clients resolve current problems and mitigate future issues. Bringing proactive and ‘above and beyond’ aspects to his work, Robert takes great care to get to know his clients and their unique situations, so that he can ensure they get the very best advice and support.


“I would define an ideal relationship with a client as honest, trusting, communicative and appreciative – all two-way, of course.”


“Clients know what they can expect from me. Commercial proactive solutions delivered clearly, accurately and with honesty.  I’m an advisor who invests himself in achieving the optimal outcome, every time. We promise a lot, because we can deliver a lot.”


“For me, the most satisfying aspects of working with clients and colleagues alike is getting to know them as people.

For clients, this also helps me to build an understanding of their businesses and their individual situations.

I love being part of a great team, and that’s what I have at AAB.  We are social animals and through our team-work and collaboration we are more than just our parts.  With the knowledge and experience we have, every day’s a school day and that’s exactly how it should be.  The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing.”


“At AAB has quite an alternative way of looking at things, which I definitely feel I reflect. I tend to approach issues from different angles and come up with different solutions from my colleagues, which helps to provide synergy across the team and deliver the best outcomes for our clients.”


In terms of my preferred balance between the virtual and more ‘hands-on’ routes to working with clients I always tailor my approach. Of course it’s always nice to be able to meet clients in person, but in recent years we’ve all become accustomed to communicating through technology more. What’s important to me is that we work in whichever way best suits the client and the delivery of the advice.

The greatest challenge the tax profession faces is the ever changing nature of the tax landscape – it’s crucial to have your finger on the pulse at all times. It’s key to remember though that every issue can also be viewed as an opportunity.

a land of OPPORTUNITy

“I’m excited about future opportunities to work with excellent colleagues and clients. With the growth journey that AAB is on, these opportunities are ever more frequent.”


“The greatest strength I bring to AAB is how much I care about my clients and delivering results for them. I also bring a lot of technical knowledge to the table, as well as my focus and persistence to resolve complex problems, my ability to deliver results, the pride I take in my work, and the fact that I always enjoy a challenge.”