Owner managed businesses. Large corporates. International groups.


Audit and assurance. Statutory accounting preparation.


Oil & gas. Manufacturing. Other sectors.

“i’m not scared to grab opportunities.”

Ray Gordon is an Assistant Manager in the Audit team at AAB. Based in the Aberdeen office, Ray works to support colleagues and clients with audit and assurance processes, as well as preparing statutory accounting. He has experience working with clients from a variety of sectors, and of different sizes, which places him in excellent stead to offer tailored support to a wide range of businesses.


“An ideal relationship with a client to me is one where both parties feel comfortable to joke around and have a laugh on a personal level whilst also having the confidence and trust that things will be delivered at a high level.

I think clients expect more than professional expertise from employees at AAB. An interest in the client and what they do, and the work at hand, is also expected.

The most satisfying thing about working with clients is the relationships that can be created which never would have before. And once that relationship is built, and a project is delivered it makes all the hard work feel worthwhile. Similarly can be said for colleagues, I will be forever grateful for the relationships I have built in my three and a half years at AAB.”

disruption of norms

“I believe AAB has not been scared to grab opportunities when the time has come, and that is something I think I have developed as a result of working here. That kind of assertiveness and disruption of norms… I am all for it.”


“It is extremely efficient to be able to reach any one at any time, and is required in this day and age. However, I much prefer a face-to-face meeting and would push for this every time if it were possible in order to create a more real and personal relationship with clients.”

time management

“I think the greatest challenge in audit is time management. There is always something to do and it never stops, which is great. It is essential to learn how to delegate and teach others in the team.”


“I am excited for what my own future holds as AAB has opened many doors of opportunity. In particular, a secondment to Sydney, Australia, which I am about to head on for six months’ time at the start of June. AAB as a whole is a massively exciting place to be as a firm during this time of rapid growth as it’s clear the opportunities that have and will arise.”

willingness to learn

“I think my greatest strength is my willingness to learn and throw myself in to situations I am sometimes maybe not ready for. I also think my mindset of working hard to achieve rewards is very much in line with AAB.”

people to invest in

“One of the best compliments I’ve received was when a client told me that it is people like me that clients (including themselves) invest in, which is why AAB has had so much success and will continue to do so.

But it goes both ways – I believe AAB has not been scared to grab opportunities when the time has come, and that is something I think I have developed as a result of working here.”


“Working in audit I think there is the obvious ‘boring’ tag that always comes with it. I strongly believe that if you have a team around you who inspires and pushes you forward, then the auditing profession is not boring, and certainly not those who work in it!”

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