Corporation Tax Assistant Manager


Who I help

SMEs. Large corporates. International groups.

How I help

I help my clients with their annual Corporate Tax compliance, ensuring that they maximise the use of reliefs available to them and meet their statutory deadlines


Energy. Engineering. Shipping.

“There are no limits to where my career can go.”

Rachael Legge is a Corporation Tax Assistant Manager based in our Aberdeen office. Rachael works with a wide ranging client base assisting with their annual Corporate Tax Compliance.

Rachael is also part of the Capital Allowances Team where she works closely with clients who are developing or expanding their current properties to ensure they are claiming the maximum Capital Allowances relief that is available to them.

Trust is key

“As corporate tax advisers it is crucial that our clients place their full trust in us as Corporate Tax advisers. This ensures that company directors can focus on what they do best – running their businesses.

At AAB we provide a great service with a personal touch as our clients have the opportunity to really get to know their advisers. This gives our clients confidence that they can approach us about their future plans which allows us in turn to be proactive with our tax advice.”

Forward thinking

“One of the best things about being part of a tech-enabled business is that I can arrange quick Teams calls with my clients. These feel so much more personal than just a phone call and we feel like we’re speaking face to face. At the same time, I do still enjoy going out and seeing my clients in person so having both options is perfect for me.”

Knowledge is power

“The greatest challenge facing the Corporate Tax Profession is the ever-changing legislation and guidance. We as a team are fantastic at keeping up to date with the relevant changes, communicating and discussing them as a team, and thinking about how the changes will directly impact our clients.”

the Sky is the limit

“I have always been so well supported at AAB, I know there are no limits to where my career can take me here and as the business expands the opportunities feels endless.”

Helping hand

“When people ask what I do and I reply with ‘a Corporate Tax Advisor’– I tend to lose the room!! People always assume that I am out to chase every penny they earn! When in reality, I am on their side and have a wealth of knowledge and access to the best specialists in the business to ensure that they are maximising all possible tax reliefs available to them and also work closely with them on future projects to ensure that tax efficiencies are always being considered at the correct time.”

Results driven

“I love it at the end of a Capital Allowances project when we can tell the client how much tax relief we have been able to claim and directly how much tax this has saved them. Capital Allowances are unfortunately so often overlooked when it comes to tax planning or are considered too late in projects. It gives me a great sense of job satisfaction to be able to quantify to my clients how much money we were able to save them. Cash is king as they say!”

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