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 Paul Woodward is a Senior Customs Consultant in AAB’s VAT & Duty Team.  

 Paul collaborates with clients on international trade matters and risks, guiding them to best in class operations and supporting their business activities. Paul assists clients with account management for customs activities, delivers customs authorisations, provides classification assistance and guidance on wider international trade activities.  


 “Our team support clients in various different ways. On a strategic level, I make sure my clients get valuable insights that promote their trade strategy work and give clients a good understanding to help them develop and smoothly execute action plans.  

 I also support clients during larger transformations by on-boarding and training the clients’ workforce on an operational level. I always aim to make sure I am helping clients improve day-to-day performance by supporting them with the knowledge and capacity to reduce costs, increase quality, and secure a great customer experience through seamless solutions and account management. 

 Good client relationships make you feel like a true partner to your client. They trust and listen to you, and you feel good about the work you do for them. As a result, your relationship builds and expands into bigger and better things, either through longevity, additional projects or business, or the biggest compliment—referrals to other clients.” 


 “Over the years client expectations have quite rightly increased. Legislation has got increasingly complex and clients have so many demands that they need us to follow an initiative-taking service, going above and beyond to make sure they are saving as much time and money as possible. 

 I find this approach to work really motivating, and through personalised interactions I get to know my clients and their business to make sure the solutions I generate are in line with their long term ambitions.  

 Today my clients expect trusted guidance, experience and solutions based of their needs removing regulatory concerns, and I deliver this.” 


 “The greatest challenge is clarifying regulatory needs and making businesses aware of the issues non-compliance can bring. Noncompliance can lead to expensive penalties to businesses that result in long term impact to operations and growth.  

 However, I bring a vast amount of knowledge in all forms of global regulatory compliance, including anti-corruption and modern slavery regulations. With over 20 years international trade experience within different industries, I have been in a fortunate position to help many businesses facing international trade regulation. 

 Some businesses underestimate the risk not complying to custom regulations can have, even though the future of customs compliance is ever changing. Over the years I’ve helped manage compliance requirements to remove business risk whilst educating clients so that they themselves have a better understanding of how we are helping and what they should do in the future. It is a collaborative relationship and I look forward to partnering with more businesses and building even stronger relationships with my existing clients.” 

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  1. Blog27th Jan 2023

    Paul Woodward, Senior Customs Consultant

    How To Steer Clear of Double Duty Charges

    With all the changes that have impacted traders since the United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU), one of the greatest challenges faced by importers is customs duty liability. Customs duty is now potentially due on all goods imported…

    By Paul Woodward

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