Non-Audit Companies. Owner-Managed Businesses. Partnerships. Sole Traders.


Year-End Accounts Preparation. VAT Assistance. Management Accounts.


Construction. Engineering. Farming. Hospitality.


Based in our Dungannon office, Olivia McGuckin is a Manager within our Business Advisory team. Olivia works with a wide range of business types from sole traders to non-audit companies.

Working closely with clients to ensure their compliance with statutory deadlines, Olivia supports them through various stages and help them achieve their goals.

In addition, Olivia also assists in the development of junior members of the team, providing them with support to progress in their accountancy journey.

Dedicated to achieving goals

“An ideal relationship with a client would involve regular contact and good rapport. It’s important that our clients hear from us throughout the year as communication is key in building a successful and trusting relationship.

Clients expect high value service, helping them to comply with their statutory requirements. A client should feel supported by us and I feel it’s extremely important we provide a prompt response to any query they may have. Alongside this, we strive to provide clients with proactive advice to ensure we are on the right track to achieving objectives.”

Building strong relationships

“One of the most satisfying aspects of working with clients is building strong relationships. I find it incredibly rewarding to help clients overcome hurdles and ensuring they achieve their goals.

I also feel the ability to assist junior members extremely rewarding. I’m passionate about helping and supporting them on their journey while working as part of a team within an exciting, fresh environment.

In addition, drawing on the wealth of knowledge from the wider group helps us provide the high value service to our clients. Collaboration influences our approach to work by promoting teamwork, knowledge sharing and continuous growth.”

Tech-enhanced approach

“A virtual approach is becoming increasingly important in our busy working environment. Technology advancements are most definitely enhancing the way we and our clients work by creating opportunities for efficiencies and more streamlined processes. I do feel however it shouldn’t replace the traditional face to face interaction. Having a balance between the virtual and hands-on approach is important when dealing with clients, providing them with the option to suit their needs.”

My strengths

“I’d say my greatest strengths are my strong work ethic and desire to help others achieve their own goals. I’m definitely a team player, balancing both leadership and collaboration. I’m very approachable, and I work well as part of a team.

One of the greatest compliments a client can pay me is when they express their appreciation for my willingness to meet their needs and excellent communication skills. This signifies that the client values the service I provide.”

The greatest challenge

“One of the greatest challenges in my role is ensuring compliance deadlines are being met while always ensuring the client receives the high-level service they expect and deserve. Therefore, organisation and a proactive approach are essential to allow us to promptly tackle any unexpected issues which may arise.”

Looking forward to fresh opportunities

“AAB are on a growth journey and it’s incredibly exciting. What I’m most looking forward to about the future for myself and AAB is the growing wealth of knowledge and expertise within the AAB group which I believe will provide excellent opportunities for me to expand my own skill set.”