SMEs. Large corporates. International groups across both jurisdictions of the island of Ireland.


Audit, accounting and business advisory services. Audit compliance. Answering clients’ queries and day to day support.


Food & Drink. Manufacturing. Technology.

Works closely with our Corporation Tax team but also with our Corporate Finance team when working on due diligence projects.


As a manager within our Audit team, Niamh McNally’s role is primarily focused on statutory audits of both single companies and groups, alongside accounts preparation and consolidations. Audit is Niamh’s specialism as she now has seven years’ audit experience. She has also carried out several due diligence engagements alongside grant audits.

Her clients range from those in the food manufacturing industry to large scale property management groups, innovative technology companies and those in the entertainment industry.

Niamh helps her clients by creating a clear line of communication from the beginning of the engagement until the final sign off, ensuring that she takes the client along on the journey. Niamh tries to make things as simple as possible, and keep the client updated every step of the way so they understand where they are in the process and what is required from both sides.


“My ideal relationship with clients is one where communication is frequent and flowing, and there is a strong basis of trust and collaboration. I like to get to know my clients well so that they feel comfortable in our communication and feel like they can be open and transparent with me whenever they need. I aim to have clear expectations and roles, and I always strive to add value to my clients where possible.”


“I think they client expects a high-quality audit which really adds value to them as a business. I think they expect this to be carried out in a very efficient and painless way from a highly competent team, working in collaboration with each other and leveraging technology where possible to automate and improve efficiency along the way.”


“For me, the most satisfying part of working with clients is when we can leverage the information that we have pulled together to create a new perspective on the client’s business for them to analyse and utilise going forward. Adding value to our clients is one thing we really focus on, delivering a high-quality service which benefits the client in both the short and the long term.

Then, when it comes to working with my colleagues, the most satisfying is the development aspect that comes with having so many different backgrounds and levels of experience in the team. I really enjoy training individuals to help them improve their knowledge and efficiency, and on the other hand it is fantastic to have the opportunity myself to keep learning and growing professionally from working with colleagues who are experts in their field and have such a wealth of knowledge to share.”


“I feel I bring a ‘disruptive’ mindset to AAB Group by challenging traditional practices, seeking innovative solutions, and introducing new perspectives into my engagements which includes exploring advanced technologies, automation and data analytics to improve efficiency and the decision-making processes. This mindset encourages continuous improvement and keeps us at the forefront of industry advancements.

I take on an assertive approach work with a strong sense of responsibility and drive to tackle complex problems, maintain attention to detail, and strive for accuracy in financial reporting and analysis. I am assertive when communicating with stakeholders, addressing discrepancies, or standing by our professional judgment.”


“I think it is important to avoid establishing a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to clients; instead, I tend to look at each client on an individual basis to establish their preferences and needs while planning the engagement. I consider what the client prefers in terms of communication, how complex their operations and data is and the nature/timeline of the engagement at hand.

I am an advocate of leverage technology during the data transfer and information gathering phase of our engagements as this allows information to be passed in the most efficient and secure way, while also allowing a continuous project management aid in the form of status trackers for requests sent/received which is really useful for both our team and the client. While this is useful for the initial stages of an engagement, I do think a more hands on approach is required later on – this is usually where we will arrange on-site visits to our clients to chat with them face-to-face to close out any queries we have and communicate any important findings.”


“Some key challenges which we are facing include the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, data analytics, automation and cybersecurity risks. We keep on top of these risks with continuous training and updates to ensure we are comfortable with the latest regulations and compliance requirements. We are constantly looking at how the digital landscape is developing and how we ourselves must adapt and change how we operate to respond to this. Automation can help us as auditors streamline routine tasks and focus on value-adding analysis. To respond however, we need to constantly acquire and improve our data analytics skills, explore emerging technologies, and leverage software tools specifically designed for industry.”


“I am excited about the future for myself in AAB Group as I continue to develop professionally and grow alongside my clients. The group has a fantastic range of opportunities available, and every day there is a new challenge and learning opportunity to take on. I am excited to see where my journey takes me as I continue to gain experience and insights from my colleagues and leadership team.

I am most excited about how AAB can continue to embrace technology and utilise it in a way that improve what I do on a daily basis and help us continue to improve our offerings to clients in terms of our outputs and value-adds.”


“I believe our ethos of ‘positivity, enthusiasm and fun’ really rings true to how we work in our teams. Our team feels like we are family rather than just work colleagues, and we are always looking out for one another and ensuring we are having fun along the way. We take an upbeat approach to our work and always ensure that work does not get in the way of our culture of caring for one another and having fun along the way.”


“One of the greatest strengths I bring to AAB is my attention to detail and thoroughness when it comes to data analysis, leveraging technology to ensure vast amounts of data can be processed quickly and reliably. This lends itself to quality information and financial reporting. This means the information we output as a firm is trustworthy and can really be utilised by our clients to add value to their business.”


“Being one of the “dreaded auditors” (!), the greatest compliment a client can give is that I have been able to add value to their business and make the whole process as easy as possible. I always strive to be as helpful and efficient as possible, and I always aim to give the client insights into their business or something they can take away from the audit that helps them in the long run. When a client acknowledges that this has been the case, it is very rewarding.”


“I really dislike the stereotype of being introverted, boring or carrying out mundane work; this perception fails to recognise the diverse and dynamic nature of what we do in AAB – we play a critical role in financial analysis, strategic decision-making, and providing insights for business growth. We are problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and always continuously learning. We often need to think creatively to address complex financial challenges, find innovative solutions, and navigate the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.”

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